I'm a glutton for punishment. In "HACKEN IT", I was able to get into my lover's email accounts and find out what Mr. Man has been up too. Check out the most recent episode.

I know, I know. I have absolutely no right to invade the privacy of ANYBODY for ANY REASON, however, I just couldn't leave shit alone and just had to find out what I suspected all along. This JERK was seeing another woman. For how long, I don't know. It had to be for a while if she's ready to have "THAT TALK" and what I mean by "THAT TALK" is the one where you want to see where the relationship is heading, what needs to be worked out, blah blah blah. Check it out below:

"If you do not start work this week, you need to find some time or a way to come over here.Because we need to talk. Don't worry I'm not going to tell you you're going to be a daddy again because we have atleast six days more before we can determine that. It's not about Lena, I don't think you're cheating, I just think that it is time for us to take our maturity level in our relationship to another level, the level before marriage, just to see where things are at, and to see what we need to change.If you can't come over here, please call me this is very serious."

(Lena is his baby momma, BTW)

This is what the fuck I get. I knew some shady shit was goin on, he'd just never admit to it. I've asked directly, round-about and made up scenarios. He held his ground through all three. Too bad he just won't be holding me any more. I'm sitting here now, at 1:07 AM with a hole in my heart where love used to reside. I've blocked his number, his email and IM screen name. I am offically jaded.

I have no idea how to handle this kind of situation, not sure if i should even listen to him, soooooooooo I decided to email her directly. Check it out:


My name is SunRay and I've been involved with Mr. Man for like 3 years now. How long have you been involved with him? Even though he swears to me that I'M the only one he wants to be with and even asked me to marry him about 3 weeks ago, I knew better. That's why I'm writing to you now.

I know about you wanting to be with him and marry him. I even know about you wanting to talk to him about where your relationship is going. I've tried that too and it's nothing but a bunch of bull. He's a broke ass player. Leave now before you get hurt anymore than you already may have been. Just like he hurt me.

I've been pregnant by Mr. Man before. Three times exactly. July 2001, August 2002 and July 2003. We tried again August 30th, the nite of my birthday party. Won't find out those results till next month. I hear you think you might be pregnant by him too. It just isn't worth it. He doesn't care about anything or anyone but himself. Why would he have unprotected sex with us? He's putting everybody at risk. Me, you and possibly your child. I've been with his ass for three years. Stood by his side through all the shit he goes through, ever job he's ever been fired from, everything he's succeeded and failed at.

He's lied to me, my friends and most importantly, my children. This is so hurtful to me and my small family. The reason why he doesn't spend much time with any of us is because he's spreading himself too thin between women, not because he's looking for a job or taking care of his kids or even starting a business. He's never around cause he can't keep his dick in his pants. Don't let him blow this off like it's nothing. He'll tell you anything he thinks you might want to hear so he won't have to listen to your mouth. I encourage you to get tested. I'm planning to do the same. Take care of yourself."

I have no idea what this will accomplish, except for pissing both of them off (which is quite okay by me) but I want her to know. As a woman, I hope this will help her make better decisions

He deserves a spot on BANA (Bitch Ass Niggas of America) and soon as I develop my pics, his bitch ass is gonna be put on blast.

Random Thought of the Day:
The lady in line ahead of me in the grocery store was not minding her bidness and looking all in my cart. Now she asks me, "Do they like pizza rolls?"
I give her a coy smile and respond, "Yeah." (pizza rolls are on sale at Safeway, 5 for $5). I'm thinking "NO, I consistently come to the grocery store to spend my hard earned money on shit I DON'T LIKE." Stupid Fuck.

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patiently awaiting part trois.

posted by nOva | 09.14.03 04:01 PM


Wow is all i could conjure up...!

posted by Renaissance Sistah | 09.15.03 09:06 AM


You know what the fucked up part about all this is? After emailing her and breaking the shit all the way down and exposing Mr.Man for the cheating asshole that he is, she probably will not pay your email any mind. She will allow herself to be sweet talked by Mr.Man and according to him you would have made up everything because you are crazy, jealous and just want to be with him. You are going to be said to be trying to break them up. *smh* If after reading that email she still allows herself to be used by Mr.Man then she gets all she deserves from him. Just worry about yourself and be smart girl. Now that you have seen Mr.Man for all he is flee! And flee fast! *lol*

I clicked on your link from my boo n0va's page. Glad I did. Your journal is real. And I like real. I will be back. Keep your head up. I am married now but lawd knows I have been through relationship drama. I once thought that all men were automatically born assholes. That was all I was attracting.. *lol* I know better now though. ;)*kissies*

posted by Tee | 09.19.03 09:49 PM


Tee is so right...that's what stupid hoes do. They live in a dream world of their own making. As long as he tells her what she wants to hear she'll fall for it. But damn her. DHS (Dumb Hoe Syndrome) is incurable.

Ole boy's game has been exposed and thank gawd you won't be the one that has to stay with his trifling ass.

Keep on keeping on...there are bigger dicks to fry!

posted by Lisa | 09.30.03 02:38 AM


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