Today was chill, chill, chill. Got my but up early and went to the store to get some grub. We was seriously runnin on "E" ova heah. I swear I wish I lived closer to a Shopper's. I'm sick of being raped by Safeway every two weeks.

Actually, there's no bitching or accompanying moaning. Came home from the store and returned RMiller's call from the nite before. He cussed me out for not remembering the Flowetry concernt at the Warner Theater. Um....why couldn't he remember himself when he was able to remember that I forgot? Anyhoo, we ended up going to Outback with the kids and had a good time. The food was good as always. But ya'll just won't believe what happened. The bastard waiter, only having to refill my Sprite ONE time, comes right back with 2 more Sprites at the same time and says to me, "Here you go, I noticed you were a little thirsty." You fuck face. Did I ASK for 2 more Sprites? Prick.

I love to watch RMiller interact with my kids. I swear he's the perfect guy. Smart, funny, likes kids, nice to look at....I wish I could find a clone of him. The kids love him. It's starting to become very very difficult to keep this relationship "platonic" He's the best thing I've got goin rite now (besides you nOva ;-P) and I don't wanna screw it up. We've been friends since we were 11 years old so I'm guessing he'll be around for a while longer. I'm so disappointed I can't find a guy like him to date. Maybe it just isn't my time.

I did meet someone new Friday nite. I'll call him...Chicano. I can tell off the break that he isn't gonna be the one. No sparks whatso ever. He's so...horny. Whatta turn off. Sex isn't the first thing I think about when I see a guy. Possibly the second, I'd atleast like to know his name first. Can you belive this dude actually wanted a kiss???? I've known him all of twenty minutes and he actually thought I was gonna put my lips on his. Can you say EEEEEWWW????? It's bad enough the thought of closeness and affection has been grossing me out lately, but with a stranger??? Bleh.

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You know they're on a booty mission when they try to get in your grill like that right away. Gross.

Watch out for those sparks though...they can be dangerous.

posted by Lisa | 09.30.03 02:50 AM


it's awfully cold here in st. louis, mo today, and the rain won't let up.... lately, i have been looking for my thermos, fannel sheets, and winter pj's... oh, and i can't forget to grab a new cannister of hot chocolate at shop-n-save. peace!

posted by Renaissance Sistah | 09.30.03 07:49 PM


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