I aint got shit else to do tonite so I decided to take one of those retarted personality tests

personality.jpg THE PERSONALITY TEST
You are a PROBER (DICF)--curious, passionate, driven, and probing. You’re the kind of person who can’t leave well enough alone. You have a very strong personality and a sense of adventure. And you’d rather go out and experience things for yourself than take someone else’s word for it. Some people probably think you’re a maniac.

People have a hard time believing you're an intelligent person. Perhaps there's a reason for this? Time will tell.

Through rigorous testing, we've discovered that your compatibility with someone is exactly how likely you are to kiss them when drunk.

UM...i'm a hard-headed, psycho dronk???


You are 48% GAY!

That's gayer than average for someone of your gender and supposed orientation. The typical straight female is only 32% gay!

Here's how you compare:
people less gay than you (91%)
people just as gay as you (1%)
people gayer than you (7%)

Just because I like to have sex with women doesn't mean I'm gay.

In conclusion, I'm a a hard-headed, psycho closet lesbian, dronk. Translation: DAMN GOOD PARTY GRRL. (as indicated in a previous post :-P)

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"Youíre the kind of person who canít leave well enough alone."



posted by nOva | 10.16.03 12:24 AM


I took the bitch test... I came in at a whopping 32%. It made me laugh a lot.

posted by I_boogie | 10.16.03 06:02 AM


**In conclusion, I'm a a hard-headed, psycho closet lesbian, dronk.**

I knew it! I knew it!! Will you marry me?

I took the byatch test and came out at 56% HOORAH!!

posted by Blu | 10.16.03 09:49 AM


Guess who's 44% gay!!

MOI! *lol*

I'm bout to get heated with these Canadian jokes though..facial hair? They got their Countires mixed up..LOL!!

posted by Blu | 10.16.03 10:00 AM


Every time I've taken that infernal Gay Test I've always scored below 20%. Ain't that some shit! ME! The Black _Gay_ Blogger!

posted by karsh | 10.16.03 10:59 AM


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