Have any of ya'll eva eva planned a surprise pourty?

EvilAsianX is gonna turn another year older next month and I decided I wanted to throw her a surprise party. A couple of other friends are willing to do some leg work and help out.

Last week I finally decided I wanted to have her party catered with chinese food from my favorite chinese eatery, Panda Exress. I look at the website for info, then proceed to call the nearest restaurant to me. Check out our convo.

ME: I'd like to place a catering order. Do you offer delivery?
ChinaMan: Whaaat you say ladee??
ME: I would like to place a catering order.
ChinaMan: Laaadeee, I no unnastan you. Speak slowa.
ME: (gettin pissed) CA-TER-ING. You cook me LOTS of food and bring it to my house.
ChinaMan: You won't wok?
ME: No, I don't want a wok. I want you to COOK ME LOTS OF FOOD IN YOUR WOK AND BRING IT TOO MY HOUSE.
ChinaMan: Oh no we no do.

WTF??? how they gonna advertise a service and not ejumacate the employees about it? I wish I knew a chinese person that actually spoke chinese. ~SunRay~ is determined to get chinese food for her Asian.

This weekend I went to BlondeWonder's house so we could start the cd mixing and burning process. Wouldn't it have been nice if she told me her that her "innane was down" earlier in the week. Sheesh. I hauled half of my cd collection all the way to Centreville, VA (no man's land) to rip them to her hard drive. She looks at me and says, "You wanna do all of those tonite?" Um...YEAH. I certainly didn't want to leave my shit there for an undertermined amount of time. The point of even going over there at an ungodly hour was to get work done for this party. However we did do a lot more socializing and even almost forgot that we were even there to plan a party but still managed to get somethings accomplished. EvilAsianX loves cars to death so we've decided to have a racing theme, complete with a car shaped pinata.

Any ideas for party fillers?? So far on my list I have condoms (glow in the dark and flavored), lube, butt beads, cock rings, but pluggs, candy necklaces, snickers, mints and mini bible keychain type things. Suggestions?

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posted by nOva from Cali | 10.27.03 12:43 AM


(Aerosmith nOva ^)Just gimme a kiss!! That's my song. That convo with Panda Express was hilarious. Here I am thinking EvilAsianX was one of your kids or some other little person in your life and then I start reading about condom party favors. LOL!! You seem like you have this whole party on smash. Everything sounds really good so far. Tell me what a butt plug is?

posted by I_boogie | 10.27.03 06:40 AM


I_Boogie, a butt plug is a small plastic device that, you, well stick in somebody's ass. It's about 5-6 inches long and sort of resembles a tongue with a slight curve at the tip. Instead of using your finger in that hole, you can use this little dodad. LMAO EvilAsianX might as well be one of my kids. I need to claim this chick on my taxes sure nuff. She's one of my bestest friends.

@ nOva: I wanted to take that wok upside his head.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 10.27.03 08:25 AM


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