"Real friendships never fade"

That's the signature at the end of every email I send. I've always wanted to believe that's true. Once you establish a friendship, a true friendship, it's a life long bond.

I haven't talked to my first bestfriend, Lucas, since May. We've been friends since we were 8 years old. That's a long time to willingly put up with another person's shit.

Our mothers were so busy, they didn't have time to tend to us. We raised each other. We'd skip school together. She taught me how to swear. I thought her how to be humble. We discovered how to set a nikka up. We taught each other about sex. We were never far from each other.

She was the first chick to jiggle my boobies or trim my snatch. I taught her patience and gave her confidence.

She partied more, I studied more. We laughed. We lied. She'd curl my hair. I'd polish her toes.

I'm so hurt that she never came to see my new house. I just knew we'd decorate and do all the things you do with your girl for such an occasion. Not a phone call. Not a letter.

I wrote to her 2 weeks ago and still no response. I didn't send a card or a typed letter. I sat and wrote, pen to paper, about all the things at are new and wondering what she's doing. Still no response.

I guess we grew up.

21.October.2003    12:27 PM     Commments: 2

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aww sure hate to hear that maybe she has grown up, well at least you still remember all the good times you too had, but it's a shame she has not called or responded.

oh yea i got your link from tee's site, so i came on over here, pretty interesting posts, i'll definitely be back again soon.


posted by lashundra | 10.22.03 10:41 AM


Sometimes it's about outgrowing people. It doesn't mean she has nessessarily "grown up". You may have been the one whose grown up and maybe she doesn't feel the same kind of connection with you. I dunno. I hear where your coming from because I've experienced similiar situations. It's too bad she didn't respond at such a heartfelt attempt of outreach because it sounds like you truly miss her. :)

posted by I_boogie | 10.22.03 08:05 PM


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