Every since I got my sturreyo last week, I love to listen to music when I wake up. Since I've only got a few of favorites spinning right now, Alien Ant Farm, Eminem and India.Arie, the cd player is already loaded for me. So I thought.

I come in the living room this morning ready to listen to my motivational speaker Eminem. I press play. Nothing happens. I rotate the cd changer and press play again. Still nothing. When I finally get to the last cd slot and press play, I hear sound. I'm ready for my morning party when, low and behold, the got dayum kids switched my cds! Instead of the playfulness of Alien Ant Farm, I get 50 Cent's overly gangsta ass. WTF? I looks around confusid cause I know I didn't put that raunchy shit in my cd player. I look to my left and guess who has a little smirk...Lil' Choklit Girl. Monsters.

09.October.2003    04:29 PM     Commments: 5

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lol the babies r not monsters... they r hungry lil creatures that will eat anything and everything that is not nailed down, hidden, padlocked, or boarded up tight... but thats just my opinion... i luv the babies...

posted by hunnibunni | 10.09.03 05:35 PM


HA! She just like you!

posted by nOva | 10.09.03 08:29 PM


*lmao* Awww..she was just tryin to recommend some new musical selections to you! :D

posted by Lisa | 10.10.03 07:50 PM


That is too cute! Was she bobbin her head to the beat as she smirked? That woulda been even funnier...lol

posted by Blu | 10.11.03 11:17 PM


I like AAF... I have their first CD. Did they ever make a second?? Well, at least Lil'Mama can look cute when she's guilty!

posted by I_boogie | 10.12.03 10:56 PM


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