I'm grateful to still have a job during this republican recession, however, I officially hate my job. Yes, my boss is an Associate Director. Yes, she has a lot of shit to do. But I just don't understand why she can't do certain shit herself. Lazy ho.

This morning at about 11:00 she sent me an email with attachments for docs she wanted for her teleconference at 2:00 today. At about 11:30 she sends me an IM and tells me about the email, which I hadn't received. I reboot and still no email. I talked to Tech Guy to tell him my issue and his response, "It's an HQ issue, nothing we can do here." I ain't mad. I relay this piece of info to her as well and she just goes on and on about how the other people she sent it to received it and blah, blah, blah. That's all good, whoadie, but it still ain't in my inbox. In the midst of this hour of bullshit, it is brought to my attention that all she wanted was to have the shit printed out and stapled. WTF? She has a printer RIGHT BESIDE HER DESK. The time it took her to decide she wanted to send it to me to print and collate, she coulda did the shit herself. By the time she finished bitching about our email system, she coulda printed an entire fucking novel.

I'm so annoyed that my talents and skills get wasted on a bullshit job like this.

"I've been patiently waiting to blooooow"
~Some whack ass 50 Cent song~

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I'm so annoyed that my talents and skills get wasted on a bullshit job like this.

Oh, how I know that feeling.

posted by karsh | 10.08.03 02:05 PM


Most directors are megalomaniacs. If she thought she could get away with it, she might have her own personal asswiper. Isn't it terrible to see someone in a position of "power" when you know you're 1000 times smarter than they are?

posted by Lisa | 10.08.03 04:48 PM


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