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I just got back from trick or treatin with the kids and my dawgs is barkin! There went my pedicure.

My boss was sweet and let me leave an hour and a half earlier than usual. I guess she figured she might as well let me leave since I was gonna leave after she left the office anyway.

I got home and cooked up some dinner for the kids. I bought some nutrageous, butterfingers, m&ms and jolly rancher lollipops to pass out before we headed out for our own candy begging. We ran out of candy in like two minutes. Greedy ass kids.

I'm glad I live in a neighborhood where I actually feel safe taking them out. Most of my neighbors went all out and decorated their houses with lights and goblins and all that good stuff. Some of em was stingy with the candy though. Can you believe somebody gave my son a Ricola?? Um...isn't that a COUGH DROP?? Can we say, "Ran out of candy?" I'll be saving this for a sickly day.

I've just finished checking the candy over for bad stuff and deducting my 10% "My dayum feet hurt from walking 1.5 hours" fee. Now I have a tummy ache. Dammit.

31.October.2003    08:35 PM     Commments: 4

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posted by nOva | 10.31.03 08:50 PM


Not a cough drop! One time when I went trick-or-treating, some heffa actually gave me some Sucrets. Ain't that some shit?

posted by karsh | 11.01.03 12:50 AM


lmffbao @ nova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by hunnibunni | 11.01.03 01:44 AM


I lie to you not one time this lady put Mr.Scholls foot pads in my brother's trick or treat bag. LMBO!! Whenever my feet get really hot sometimes my nail polish melts off...does that happen to you too? What does a parent check for when they are looking for "bad candy" ripped wrappers, razors, a white substance? What?

posted by I_boogie | 11.01.03 04:58 AM


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