I got this crazy link offa nOva's page. http://googlism.com is where you type in your name and they tell you some junk about you n' stuff. Check me out.

sunray is the second building on the left (since when?)
sunray is offering lift tickets at discount prices (I got da' hook up)
sunray is to assist higher education faculty in developing strategies and partnerships that will prepare future educators to use technology (this is so true...one of my pet projects!)
sunray is approximately 1 (one of what?)
sunray is one of the few (...proud and the many?)
sunray is trusted by (heh heh heh)
sunray is a grand (diva)
sunray is a leading expert in the field of mind (domination)
sunray is captivating (of course)
sunray is widely distributed (who's been renting my video???)
sunray is a real african farm getaway retreat (**removing bone from nose**)
sunray is using (EVERYTHING!)
sunray is exactly like that (ain't she though?)
sunray is accepting dhcp offers from another dhcp server (I like gifts)
sunray is also encrypted and secure (there's no getting inside me!)
sunray is experimental (aka suicidal)
sunray is close to all the major attractions (everywhere I have no business being)
sunray is $399 +$30 shipping before 20%discount (damn is that all I'm worth??)
sunray is powered on (all nite, honey)
sunray is a chocotate palomino with a white mane and tail (5 bucks to ride)
sunray is unusual in being (duh)
sunray is way out in front (where else would I be?)
sunray is cute (who tole you different)
sunray is not the same as the american lightbox with the same name (hell to the naw)
sunray is hung (I got big balls)
sunray is your smart choice (~SunRay~ is the only choice)
sunray is available with uva (and xtra cheese)
sunray is a jubilee offspring with some added disease tolerance (shake the std's off)
sunray is a rare "moo whale" that is still swimming (had to be atleast ONE fat joke...bitches!)
sunray is a more powerful version of sunburst and the druid may cast it without needing to gather energy (i shall demolish you!)
sunray is all grown up now and has come to earth to teach little children how to become angels while still on earth and to make the world a better place (BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA)
sunray is the gold (bling, bling)

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"sunray is widely distributed (who's been renting my video???)"

"sunray is hung (I got big balls)"

"sunray is a rare "moo whale" that is still swimming (had to be atleast ONE fat joke...bitches!)"

DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. I am sending erybody to look at the mess you made!

posted by nOva | 10.14.03 08:11 PM


lmao at your googlisms...I did one for my real name...it turned up like five entries..figures!

I'm definitely going to googlize myself and post it when I have nothing else to ramble about.

posted by Lisa | 10.15.03 12:28 AM


Ok, who's gonna plan my funeral? *DEEAAAADDDD*!!

Sunray, your too much...and very inspiring..I must do one too!! YAY!!

**sunray is widely distributed (who's been renting my video???)**

*hides my secret Sunray collection*

posted by Blu | 10.15.03 05:01 PM


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