My youngest susta just started college this fall. What in the hell are my federal tax bux really paying for?

CollegeSusta: my mouse needs new batteries
~SunRay~: um...okay
CollegeSusta: i dunno y this kinda mouse takes bateries in the first place
CollegeSusta: the keyboard needs new batteries too
~SunRay~: ummm because it's wireless
~SunRay~: how else is it gonna work?
~SunRay~: duh
CollegeSusta: tru
~SunRay~: it's like a remote control
CollegeSusta: i thought thats what the receiver thing was for
CollegeSusta: man

WTF? if your shit aint PLUGGED INTO AN ELECTRICAL SOCKET, what else is gonna power your keyboard and mouse? Air? Why doesn't she get that the RECEIVER just RECEIVES the signal, hence the name RECEIVER. Something's gotta initiate the signal, right?

My gawd! She IMs me with this completely re-damn-diculous shit like this on a regular basis. I don't give 2 turds bout her needing batteries and aint shit I can do about it up here. UGH.

27.October.2003    01:02 PM     Commments: 3

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lmaoo...your sister sounds like a relative of mine. Luckily she knew better than to apply for college.

posted by Lisa | 10.27.03 05:55 PM


LMAO @ "re-damn-diculous". Adds another word to the novabulary.

posted by nOva from Cali | 10.27.03 09:43 PM


rotflmao, what college did she apply to?

posted by lashundra | 10.28.03 04:08 PM


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