I can't believe I've been a homeowner for a full year. It's still overwhelming for me. It's like, wow, I actually did it. Sometimes I question wether or not I've made the right choice.

I'm hoping this is what marriage is like. Excited with the newness, still in love after a year and when shit get's broken, you fix it and move on. Um...guess that would be a bit too simple for marriage, huh?

I went to settlement on Sept. 27, 2002 and moved in on Oct. 18th. I'm not sure what I'll do to mark this one year anniversary. Maybe I'll put some gutters on back of the house or give my big yellow baby (this house is more yellow than the effin sun. Pics to come later) a good power washing. She's so cute. There's a nice sized front porch, enough to put a small table and chair set. The yard leaves a bit to be desired but I'm working on it. Well actually The Yard Guy is working on it, but you get my drift. (~SunRay~ hates yard work) It's a rambler style with a small cellar beneth that houses my vitals (breaker panel, hot water heater, ect....) She and I were made for each other. It's the perfect size for me and my kids AND NO ONE ELSE. There's a room for each of us and I have a fire place in mine that has yet to be used. I've decided I'll never part with my baby. I'd rent her out but never sell her. The property value is gonna go up real soon, with gentrification and all (the whites are lovin the 'hood) and it's near the Metro so I'm thinking it'll be in my best interest to hang on to her.

Back to my reality.

I've received a lot of criticism for buying her while being so young (22 at the time), not telling anyone about my purchase till after the fact (my dayum bidness, so I thought) and in general doing what the fuck I wanted to do. Why can't niggas stand to see each other happy? But no matter what I do or how I choose to do it, I seem to bring about much controversy anyway and I should be used to it.

I've got plans for my girl and can't wait to watch her grow.

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Girl, you better do your thug-thizzle with your home-hizzle, SizzleRizzle!

posted by nOva | 10.06.03 12:46 AM


wow! buying a home at 22 is a great accomplishment!! especially in this area and especially with the cost of living being so high these days. hell, i am proud of you and dont even know you! wish i could do that. but my day will come. soon i hope :)

posted by Lise | 10.06.03 04:41 AM


Wow..22...you rock!! I don't understand why anyone wouldn't be happy about that. Anyhoo damn them. Enjoy your house to the fullest!

posted by Lisa | 10.06.03 02:19 PM


Thanks for the support!

posted by SunRay | 10.07.03 10:23 AM


Congrats. I am still waiting to pop the cork on this task. I often say that I am waiting on a husband, before buying a home... not realizing, that this may never occur.

posted by Renaissance Sistah | 10.07.03 01:07 PM


Chile I gave up on that waiting for a husband shit. That used to be my excuse too, until I said fuck it! Let these nikkas catch up to me!

posted by SunRay | 10.07.03 02:14 PM


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