Please excuse the previous day's post. I was still dronk when I wrote it. I'm still revelling in the aftermath of my dronkeness.

Maybe I'll get around to apologizing to Couchman. Okay I'm lying. (He needs a good ass kicking, okay?) Anyway, in my dronken haste I started dropping my shit all over the ground. Still ISO: my cd case, Colgate toothpaste and hair brush. I'm sure I lost some other shit too but just haven't realized what they are yet.

Partying hard is so destructive. I've lost one of my most coveted possessions: my cds. My new shit at that. I know they haven't been turned in to the lost and found at the cab company. I know they aren't in EvilAsianX's back seat. What I do know is that I've fucked up. Between the stuff that has been stolen from me and the stuff i've lost on my own, I'll never be able to purchase anything current anytime soon because I'm still replacing stuff that's gone. I'm seriously kicking myself in the ass over this one.

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Damn damn damn. Sorry you lost your stuff. I would go nuts if I lost my CD's. Want me to kazaa some shyt and send it to you? You know, cause I'm a rebel like that and I don't mind getting caught and going to music downloader's jail. *lol*

posted by Blu | 10.15.03 05:18 PM


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