Why is ere body fukkin wit me? Why are folks trynna jack my shit?? I don't work like a Hebrew slave with tree jobs like a Jamaican cause I don't have better shit to do with my time. I susta is trynna maintain.

Today when my friend dropped me and the kids off from the playground, she brought to my attention that the screen in my front right window looked like it had been pulled up. I told her I'd check it out. I get closer, and damn sure nuff, it sure did look like somebody fucked with the screen. I'm standing on the porch cussin anda sweatin trynna put the screen back in place. I'm pissed!!! Who is fuckin with my shit?!?!?! Why don't these folks know I will whyle the fuck out on any damn body for fuckin wit my shit?

That's just the icing on the cake.

Recently my cds have been coming up missing. My cd carousel used to be full, at about 80 cds and now I'm missing like 10. And guess who'd been taking them...Mr. Man. I had agreed to let him borrow 2 some time ago and he admitted to taking one that I had been looking for and denied the others. As far as I'm concerned, he took that one, he took the other ones. I gotta stop dealing with niggas that ain't got shit and can't get shit. I mean cds aren't big shit, but the point is it's MY SHIT AND HE AIN'T GOT NO BUSINESS TAKING NOTHING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. This shit has been going on since December. Yes, for that damn long. At first I thought it was DJ Scratch n' Sniff, cause he's a damn DJ. But shit, he can get music from anywhere and ain't got no reason to raid my little collection.

God forbid I get a pistol. Every mahfugga will have a bullet in his buttcheek. Shoot off a pinky toe or some shit. Watch me.

Random Thought of the Day:
Jay-Z: His Gift is a Curse
What is the purpose of Jay-Z's The Blueprint 2.1 cd? It's got the same whack ass, weak ass songs on it that The Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse has on it. Why, oh why????

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u got madd issues sis....lord help her.. at any rate, hakuna matata


posted by Sharron | 10.09.03 02:33 PM


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