~SunRay~ + EvilAsianX + Likka = TROUBLE

Man was we bored Saturday nite. We was really to broke to do anything so we hit a chinese carryout, ordered an insane amout of food and headed back to the place she was housesitting at. Nothing big. We couldn't agree on a show to watch we headed downstairs to shoot a game of pool. I just learned how to play over the summer and still learning. She's been playing for a while and got pissed when I started kicking her ass. Man, she got so hyped up and shit she didn't want to play anymore. Being that it was still pretty early and we were both really restless, we had to find something else to get into.

She stumbled across a place called Shark Club. It was about 15 minutes from where we were and the cover charge was 5 bucks, something we could afford. Since our broke asses didn't have no loot, we had to figure out a way to sneak some likka inside.

We get there at like 12:30. The place was packed and live. We get my big ass Jansport backpack pass the bouncer, find an obscure hall to get our drink on and it was cool. I thought the music was a bit weak, but after a few shots all was well.

We met some random people, held some random conversations and had some random drinks. All in all it was a good nite. I'd never been hit on by so many white dudes ever. It was open season on my black ass. Before I know it, I'm completely zooted, in the process of being spanked by a Lois Vouiton wallet and refusing to answer my phone.

Unfortunately, EvilAsianX, my designated driver was pretty zooted herself. She couldn't drive and I had to get my black ass back to DC. How was I gonna get from NoWhere'sVille, VA back home was beyond me. I did what any sensible drunk would do: I called somebody to come get me. That somebody happened to be Couchman. He's a DJ at another club (aka DJ Scratch n' Sniff) and I knew he'd still be awake.

In the meantime, we were being kicked out at closing time and there were still a few people around. Now that I've downed quite a bit of likka, I had to take a pee. Some really nice stranger stopped me from taking a squat on the sidewalk and escorted me to a restroom. Aint he a gentleman.

I swear in the whole 2 minutes it took for me to take a piss, EvilAsianX is climbing into someone's minivan. I pull her out, look to my right and tell some dude to suck my balls. Not sure how we ended up on the subject but I grabed his and he showed me his penis. What a pale thing it was. Whiteboy had a little something to work with I must admit.

Couchman shows up like the Terminator or some shit. He tells me he ain't gonna take me home. I'm like WTF? I scream at him, throw a few punches and fall on my ass. He's a little through with me for right now but he'll be aiite. He paid the cab driver 50 bucks to get me home in one piece and my world was right again.

This weekend we gonna do it again.

Random Thought of the Day:
My son tells me he wants a crown and wings. Does he want to be a fairie?

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*dead* OMG!! I can't believe the pink showed you his wang!! Yo, was it pink? Naw, don't tell me, I don't need that mental pic.

posted by Lisa | 10.15.03 12:34 AM


Leeser is dumbbbbbbbbbbb!! LMAO! But yeah, thats uh...interesting. Sounds like yall had alot of fun though...I'd like an invite next time. KTHX!

posted by Blu | 10.15.03 05:14 PM


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