Some things should never be left lying around.


Ain't they cute? That's ~SunRay,Jr~.and Monster. The fruit of my loins, destruction from my womb. You guys get the point.

I live a hurried life, but I take time to teach my kids a variety of things. When they ask questions, I try to answer them as honestly as possible. I've been able to skirt around that whole, "Where do babies come from?" question but I'm sure it'll be popping up soon. I'm still trying to convince ~SunRay~, Jr.that the name of my favorite ice cream sammich is in fact, KLONDIKE and not CONDOM. I was liken to shit in my pants when she asked me for a "Condom Bar". WTF? I'm thinking to myself, "What in the holy hell is a Condom Bar and do ladies get in free before 11?"

Anyhoo, during the week we're partial slobs and just put stuff where ever. ~SunRay~ wasn't very smart when she forgot to remove the tampon she'd taken from her purse from the living room table. Of course Monster got to it. Of course he wanted to know what it was for. ~SunRay~, Jr. says to him, "It's a thing ladies stick in their stomach so they won't bleed." He goes "eeeeewww" and hands it back to her.

Ain't Edjumacashun great?

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Lord!!!!! Condom Bar!!!! Erytime I go out they handin' out rubbers. That would be the real Condom Bar.

(By the way, I've accumulated so many from these outings that I don't have to buy none. I actually counted them last night. 21 single rubbers. I have NO SEX LIFE. I wish I had a webcam so I could take a shot of the rubbers and caption it "This is My Sadness.")

As far as SunrayJr telling the boy what Tampons do, umm... How long will it take for him to get that image of a woman sticking that in her stomach so she won't bleed out of his head?

posted by nOva | 10.19.03 02:22 AM


OMG! I remember finding tampons in the bathroom when I was kid and having no clue what they were. I though they were toys and used to toss em in the bathtub before I got it.

posted by Prime | 10.19.03 10:32 AM


hehe! aren't children the best!? my son has made me explain to him over and over again, how planes fly. he hasn't figured out, that i don't know either.

posted by pear | 10.19.03 10:17 PM


Sounds like ~SR~ Jr. can teach me a thing or two about a thing or two.

posted by I_boogie | 10.20.03 10:14 AM


*rofl... my kids think I stick tampons in my stomache too. :)

posted by Ro | 10.21.03 09:35 AM


lmao!!! that is the cutest!!! kids r so funnie.

posted by hunnibunni | 10.21.03 12:24 PM


rotflmao @ your kids, dang now monster will probably tell someone lady in the store if she is buying tampons "you're gonna put that in your stomach" *lmao*, my daughter asked me did mommies throw (spit up) their children, now someone at her school has told her this probably some child whose parent told them this, well i didn't explain it i told her i would look it up in the encyclopedia, thanks god she hasn't asked anymore but i know she will.

you have 2 beautiful children.

posted by lashundra | 10.22.03 10:48 AM


**"What in the holy hell is a Condom Bar and do ladies get in free before 11?"**


posted by Blu | 10.25.03 11:13 PM


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