OMG! I am such a dumb movie junkie.

I can't wait till this stoopit movie comes out. There's nothing I love more than just sitting back and being entertained. The trailers crack me up. It comes out tomorrow. I won't be first in line but I'mma high tail my ass to the theater at some point this weekend so I can check that out. The kids still want to see School of Rock so I'll prolly have to suffer through that one before I can see Scurry Movie 3. I'm trying to get over the fact that Ja is in this movie. Bleh.

I had a new visitor to my page the other day. Her name be Lashundra, which had me thinking about names and ethincity and how we can almost tell a person's um, historical background by what their name is.

I remember when I started a dinky job as a mail clerk when I was in high school. Most people worked different shifts and I never got to meet many people when I was there because I worked an early shift. (I'd cut school to go to work). I was told to get something from Lashawnda. I'm looking around at all the blacks and I'm quite confusid cause no one is responding. "Where's Lashawnda?" I hear a little voice behind me say, "I'm here." I turned around, and to my surprise she was a tall thin white girl. We'll I'll be damned. I try to straighten up my bewildered expression and carry on, business as usual. Man was I out of my element. Yes I was stereotypical. Yes I was very un p.c. No, I don't feel bad about it, but it has made me more open to what diversity really is. Even for Chez Whitey.

It's a reality that most of us are conditioned to associate certain kinds of names with certain people. Names are very intricate. Tracey, Tracy, and Tracie. Which one is a guy? ( I HATE transgender names) Which one is white? Which one is black? That example is a bit more obscure, but I think you guys can see where I'm going with it. With my own name, I notice that I receive more interviews when I use my first initial and middle name as opposed to using my first name with middle initial, ie, S.Ray as to, SunR. Get it?

Children's programing has gone completely in the crapper. My kids like to watch this show on Nickelodeon called The Amanda Show, a variety show type deal. There is this one skit that really irritated me. It takes place in a high school girls restroom where the misfits congregate. They were actually having a PARTY in the restroom. I let that slide. But what really pissed me off was that each character was placed snugly into some whacked out, over the top, sterotypical role. The white girl was passive, the black girl had a major attitude, the spanish girl talked too damn fast and there was some sort of, um, mentally challenged girl. This six minute skit mangaged to make an impression on my 7 year old daughter and have her question me about the qualities and behaviors of other races.

Random Thought of the Day:
Why is it that when you have to pee really, really, really bad like damn near peeing on yourself, only a TRICKLE comes out when you finally get to go?

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rotflmao @ only a trickle of pee comes out when you hold your pee for so long, i don't know but hopefully someone can shed some light to this.

yes ppl names can be deceiving *lol*

my daughter wants to see kill-bill, school of rock and scary movie 3 man kids sure can demand a lot and believe me all this week i have been hearing i've been good today now can we go see those movies? *lol* but scary movie is silly but i am gonna love watchin it can't wait til it comes out of course i'll probably see it the following week after it comes out.

posted by lashundra | 10.23.03 10:54 AM


Deep Thought:

Remember that episode of "Martin" when Tommy was dating the white girl named Aquanetta?

posted by nOva | 10.23.03 02:00 PM


lol...I remember Aquanetta from "Martin". That was hillarious. It's funny how we assume that we know a person's identity by their first name.

A few years ago, I was assigned to do research with this girl. I hadn't met her, but I knew that her name was Lakisha. Lakisha & I talked on the phone and we agreed to meet @ a local cafe. I show up early. I wait around for 30 minutes trying to find this 'Kisha'. Of course, I looking for a black girl. So I assume that every black girl who passed me was her. I was pissed after waiting so long & not seeing her. So I called her. She picks up the phone and I tell her that I've been waiting for her. She says that she's already there. I tell her what I have on. She approaches and taps me on the shoulder. I was so shocked when I turned around & saw a blue eyed red head. I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. lol.

posted by Timi | 10.23.03 07:27 PM


I wanna see Scurry Movie 3 too. It doesn't deserve funds I'ma just download it. *Hiding from the Feds*

I knew a white chic named LaKeisha. For some reason I wasn't shocked that all her friends were Black. Hmmmm...

Transgender names make my butt hurt.

Wow @ The Amanda Show. Never heard of it. Now I'm real curious to see it for myself.

**Why is it that when you have to pee really, really, really bad like damn near peeing on yourself, only a TRICKLE comes out when you finally get to go?**

I'll have to say I'm the opposite. After holding it in for that long I'll sit there pissin for a straight 15 minutes. Like..when will it end??? *LOL*

posted by Blu | 10.25.03 11:43 PM


Yes, you're right about the name thing. There are more and more white people with unusual names. It never used to be like that back in the day, but now they are into to all the "exotic" names. Or at least what they think sounds exotic.

posted by I_boogie | 10.26.03 05:55 AM


I wanna see Scurry Movie 3 too, but I will wait till it comes out on tape. I gotta see Kill Bill.

I think the door to my home has pee radar, I usually don't have "rush to pee" after holding it for so long until I get to the front door... Then I have to fight with my clothes to make it in time..... lol

posted by Renaissance Sistah | 10.27.03 08:32 PM


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