You won't believe in me but
You would fancy leprechans or
Groundhogs, No
Thank you Easter Buunnaaaaayyy!

~Happy Valentines Day~

I don't want to
Move too fast, but
Can't resist your sexy ass
Just spreaaaaaaadd
Spread for me

~Spread~ Andre 3000

My soul feels so good! After reading nOva's review about the New Outkast cd, I felt compelled to sneak away from work this morning and purchase it. I'm so glad I did. I've been dancin' and sangin' and movin' to the groovin' since 11:45 AM. I immediately fell in love with track number four, "Happy Valentine's Day" on The Love Below, Andre 3000's cd. It hit me hard me cause we black folk just don't believe in love no more. And I'm one of those black folk.

This is exactly the type of cd that was needed to add a resucitating breath to hip-hop. It's funky, clean, poetic, creative and just true art. Women are actually referred to as...LADIES. How often does that happen in a hip-hop/rap cd? Who would ever entertain the thought of God being a woman?

I'm so hyped I had to take my ass to the likka sto'and get me some vodka, tequilla and rum to chill tonite with this cd. I lit some candles, relaxing and reflecting on the GOOD aspects of love which I don't do to often. This cd also reminds me of my daddy who died 13 years ago, October 12, 1990. His place was pimped out. He had the fuzzy zodiac poster of the nekkid man and lady. He had the requisit fake plants, black nekkid lady statchew and plenty of vinyls. It takes me back to a point in my life when I was free, had no concerns about anything, and had the best man ever: my daddy.

I guess I believe in love after all.

10.October.2003    11:38 PM     Commments: 2

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Ok this is the 3rd blog in a row that I've vistited and read how great Andre's CD is. Why have I not heard it yet? I must be retarded...that's it...I can wait no more..MUST....LISTEN....NOW!

posted by Blu | 10.11.03 11:19 PM


This CD is really in heavy rotation with me. I was feeling it from the moment I heard the intro and on and on. I guess it's cause I've always been an Outkast I was open and ready to receive the love below. It's definitely mood music.

posted by Lisa | 10.12.03 03:20 AM


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