I was so amused by the Googlism I did on my alter ego, ~SunRay~ I just had to use my real name. Check out his jacked up shit.

kia is dead? (when was somebody gonna tell me?)
kia is a charm to (ya'll can't resist me)
kia is dead? what about the show last night? (i've graduated from video to live shows)
kia is a cheap piece of crap (ur muva!)
kia is once again korea's second best (um...second best what?)
kia is not truly related to us (i'd rather not be claimed by my folks, really)
kia is perfect for that (virgos have a tendancy for perfection)
kia is a nightmare for some of you (only when dronk)
kia is a great success (of course)
kia is made well (built to last)
kia is building automobiles which are being (sick of the car jokes)
kia is starting a programme of model facelifts (chile some of these models need facelifts **cough** tyra **cough**)
kia is putting out one of the best (kia IS NOT putting out!)
kia is the smartest iguana (i'm a lizard now?)
kia is recently married and enjoys spending time around her home (who the fuck found me a man and didn't tell me???)
kia is not worth the headache (your head won't ache with me...)
kia is more for the bang (lmao..no comment)
kia is the combination of two ideas (my mommie and daddy, how cute is that?)
kia is hurt that renee has a new set of friends? (yes i am. she hasn't called me in six months or came to see the house i've lived in for a YEAR.)
kia is a high ridge (my rack is decent)
kia is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year (i haven't even reached 25 yet)
kia is delivered (i have yet to be saved, how can i be delivered???)
kia is the vital force of life within each of us ( i own all of you)
kia is with you for the "long haul"
kia is an angel here on earth
kia is mostly owned and run by hyundai (i haven't had a pimp in years)
kia is a big (i can't seem to escape these fuckin fat jokes...)
kia is a little awkward to our eyes (then shut them mofos)
kia is the north kia and he watches down on earth (i tole ya'll before that i was god)
kia is (...finish this sentance)
kia is a thoroughbred mare and came to us as a 7 year old found wandering loose in sumpter township (fuck these horse/pony references)
kia is offering low (for 15 bucks, i give discounts for referrals)
kia is a part of reality
kia is quite impressive in the handling department (i can top AND juggle balls!)
kia is a dynamic (settle for nothing less)

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*Dig my grave!!!!!"

You cannot escape the car/fat/horse references!!!!

posted by nOva | 10.16.03 03:47 PM


confused about what it outputted for the real name, and when entering the domain name\pen name, i got:

Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about renaissance sistah yet.


Hope all is well, I am back from a web hosting night mare. I will be jumping ship soon. keep checking me out!

posted by Renaissance Sistah | 10.18.03 02:36 PM


googleism is pretty interesting i found some funny things using my name too.

posted by lashundra | 10.22.03 10:44 AM


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