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Laid-out by nOva
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I Suck 11.14.03
07:01 PM • 6 comment(s)permalink

I should be getting ready to go out with my girl Blonde Wonder, but for completely selfish reason, I'll have to pass

Any normal human would take advantage of a free nite out, but I'll have to pass. Right now I can't handle watching her and her new found love cooing and kissing and all that junk. I'd rather just stay home and wallow in my self pity. I don't want HER MAN picking up my tab, I want my man picking up my tab. The chore is finding one. He and I mix like oil and water.

My negroid son was in schol showing his behind today. There is no good reason why his teacher should be calling me a half hour into the school day. This lil fool don't wanna listen, huh? She put him on the phone and I put the fear of Big Mamma into him, made him apologize to his teacher and went about my day. I'm thinking about sending him to his father for good. Let him be useful and deal with this mess.

Today I made an appointment with a weight specialist. I'll be taking the plunge the day before Xgiving. I hope this works. I'm tired of going on all these dumb diets, taking bullshit supplements don't work and basically wasting hundreds of dollars. I'm ready to just say fuck it and agree to have the surgery. Yes, staple my stomach. Yes, please reroute my intestine. If this doesn't work, I won't have much of a choice. He's pretty well known in DC and everyone I've talked to has liked him. He'll prolly give me one of those B-12 injections, whatever that does, and one of those salad and water diets. Joy.

I'm still looking for a new gig, with nothing promising on the horizon. Jobs in DC suck. Employers definitely have the upper hand in this economy. For the same job I do know, employers in DC want you to have 4+ years experienc and a bachelor's degree. You don't need a degree for a general office admin job. You don't need a degree to answer phones and fax letters. Assholes.

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Video Game Whore 11.08.03
11:39 PM • 4 comment(s)permalink

When my personal Geek came over to lay some pipe, er, install some software on my pc, he had a treat for me.

He found emulators for the old school Nintendo Games. I have damn near every Nintendo game ever made. All on my pc. The kids are hating me right now cause I'm never letting them play. EVER. I just got finished playing Double Dragon. How cool is that??? I have more games than I can ever play. I even played Duck Hunt this morning. I'm so in love. Now I gotta get a controller. I think he's trynna turn me into a pc gamer anyway.

All this talk about smoking got me thinking about the days when I used to get high with my old boss. We'd sit around, eat candy, play Dig Dug and just get zooted. I had the urge to get lifted earlier this week, to the point where all I can do is sit and stare at the wall. Here's the kicker: I don't like to smoke. I hate smoking of anything. It burns and tastes yucky.....This is why I'm proposing a weed pill for people like me who want the high without the smoke. I wonder if somebody can manufacture that for me...

And while I'm one the topic of vices, I must talk about my old faithful vice: likka. Now you know you an alcoholic when you think of robbing a bar....for it's LIKKA and NOT for it's cash. The rows and rows of bottles were beatutiful. This brilliant idea hit me at lunch this week when a certain someone wouldn't step over the bar and grab some bottles like I asked him to. It woulda been so simple: I hold the fort down why he gets the goods. Mission accomplished.

Ja Rule's latest video is a joke. Who he think he foolin??? It's such a mockery of masculinity. We know you soft, whoadie. Bow out gracefully. He looked a ridiculous mess with that big ass chain swinging around. I had to watch the video twice because I thought he was swinging it around his neck hoola hoop style. I would have to die.

Gay men are normally known for their fashion sense. We have to stop stereotyping gay men in this manner cause I've seent for myself that this shit ain't true. An old queer sat down in front of me on the train yesterday. This foolio was wearing some khaki pants, brown shoes, a houndstooth print button down shirt with a green rib knit sweater tied around his neck. What the FUCK was he thinkin? Can we get a Queer Eye for the Queer Guy???

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Friday Fizzive 11.07.03
09:18 PM • 0 comment(s)permalink

1. What food do you like that most people hate?
My tastes are pretty average.

2. What food do you hate that most people love?

3. What famous person, whom many people may find attractive, is most unappealing to you? Beyonce. Momma Knowles be settin her the fuck up with those busted ass 1970 Diana Ross weaves. And how she gonna wear a blonde weave with a silver outfit. Can we say tacky?

4. What famous person, whom many people may find unappealing, do you find attractive? Bone Crusher

5. What popular trend baffles you?
Letting the top of a thong show above the waist of your pants. BLEH

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I'm Bored 11.07.03
09:56 AM • 4 comment(s)permalink

OMG, OMG. My favorite band, Alien Ant Farm, is gonna be in New Jersey 11/28 and I'd give my left nut to go.

I've grown so bored with hip-hop I've started looking to other genres to satisfy my musical appetite. I'm a newbie to rock, heavier rock that is. I've always liked Lenny Kravitz, but didn't venture outside to heavier stuff till like 2001 when I discovered Nickelback. I've never been to a rock concert, or any other concert besides the Jill Scott show back in 2001 for my 21st berfday. I get really nervous when a lot of people are around me at one time and I flip out if someone touches me. I'm scared to death of the crowd. What if a crowd surfer falls on my head? Mosh pits? This joint is standing room only too, I think. How the hell do you dance to guitar riffs and screaming? Headbanging is NOT an option. The latest Alien Ant Farm cd comes with a dvd of random concert and studio footage so they appear to give a good show.

Now how the hell are we gonna get there?

Lawdhamerrcy. I woke up to a good meat stick this morning. Awww....that's what every morning should be like: roll over, get a piece then get ready for work. I'm so used to not sharing my bed. When he got in to lay down, it's like my queen shrunk to a twin. Took my pilla, snagged the covas. Where's the bedtime etiquette? I love it when he comes over, he steals such good software from work. I finally got FrontPage 2002 and PhotoShop. And I got video games. The FIRST Mario Brothers. Ain't that a trip??? More old school shit than I can ever play. Galaga, Zelda, Tetris, Wrestle Mania...I may never leave my house again. I wonder if I can find Duck Hunt...

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Kiss My [shady] Grits 11.05.03
09:45 AM • 4 comment(s)permalink

I said you don't, wanna fuck with ~SunRay~ (cause why?)
Cause ~SunRay~ , will fuckin kill you (ah-haha)
I said you don't, wanna fuck with ~SunRay~ (why?)
Cause ~SunRay~ , will fuckin kill you..

***give pound to nOva*** for freakin tha layout. I bark the orders, he carries em out. Ain't that what a good relationship posed to be?

Welcome to my padded cell.

Have any of you ever joined/went to a gym? I'm considering, however I've never been to a big gym before. I've gone to a trainer with a private studio.

Any suggestions? Does Bally's really suck big fat monkey balls?

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ReWeaved 11.02.03
08:50 AM • 7 comment(s)permalink

[edit 11/3/03: Ya'll know them african booty scratchers missed a spot in the back of my head??? It is war!!! And ya'll know who taking her black ass right back up there today so they can fix that shit??? You dayum right! This shit is too expensive to do for them heffas to be half steppin on MY shit. ~SunRay~ don't think so. /edit]

Aw it feels soooo good to be reweaved! I was hesitant to go out being that yesterday was the first, and the African Hair Gallery is usually crawling with first of the month queens. I deployed my old strategy and went late in the afternoon at like 4, and it worked! It was soooo quiet and EMPTY. I was in heaven. They put 3 braiders on my head right away. I was loving it. Shit, I'd guess you'd have 3 people working on this head too if some thick headed heffa rolled up in your shop at 4 talkin bout "I want some Micro Senegalese." Long as I ain't got to sit in that chair for 7,458,365,486,982,124,562,367 years I don't care. The first thing the braider said when I sat down in her chair is, "You got long hair." Yah. Damn, I'm not a bald headed sea bass. I just like to have my hair braided, k? This shit look bangin ya'll. Now I gotta go back to Anh Lee and make her do my brows right. I DO NOT like this shit.

Attack of the Ex Boyfriend
Why can't sleeping dogs lie? Didn't I bury you?

My Ghettorific ex came up to my job yesterday. He was never really my "boyfriend", we just dated briefly until I couldn't stand him any more. He mistook my astonished look for excitment instead of the horror I actually felt.

He was nice and polite, but I couldn't get over his ghettoness. It was too much, even for me. He just turned me off.

Issue #1- Loud talking AND swearing at my place of employment. He could never get it through his head that I work in a professional place and that he needed to shut the fuck up. He also didn't get that having him just hang around made me look bad anyway.

Issue #2- Posing. Nigga if you broke, you broke. Straight up. Don't try to front for me, wanting to go out all the time then want to borrow money from me the next day so your ass can get to work.

Issue #3- More broke stuff. If you aint got no money, why the hell you wanna go out to eat? At least have the courtesy to tell me before we go so I don't get any surprises when the bill comes.

Issue #4- Broke stuff again. Don't go into a store having the clerk go get you all these different pairs of Timbs and you in there hoopin and hollerin talkin bout " These joints look good on my feet!" or " Yeah these tight right here." Then spit that shit, "Imma come back and get those when I get paid." Talk about embarassed. Havin that clerk run around like he was actually gonna buy something. Broke ass.

Issue #5- No goals. " I wanna make $10,000 (per year, folks) and buy me a car." Um...okay. ~SunRay~ takes big steps and leaps and I can't have some cat sittin around with his feet proped up going along for the ride.

When he came to visit me he saw my keys on my desk, which have the alarm for my house. He says, "You got some transportation?" I'm like no, that's the alarm for my house. This asshole has the nerve to say, "Still no transportation, huh?" I look him over, noticing how busted he looks and asks him where he's working. Guess where....NO DAMN WHERE. And he still lives with him mom. He has NO ROOM to judge anybody. And why do the niggas that DON'T HAVE A DAMN THING TO THEIR NAME, always talking shit about somebody else's shit. Man does that burn me up.

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~SunRay~ @ Random 11.01.03
10:22 AM • 1 comment(s)permalink

"Don't quote me boy, cause I ain't sayin' shit."

Eazy-E, Boyz-N-The-Hood

~SunRay~ got random shit on her mind today.

I really hate to see a woman wearin sexy stiletto heels with mud on them. UGH. Carry a tissue.

Why is the yard boy still trynna spit game? "Where yo man at?" Nigga just rake my dayum leaves!

Who told white men comb overs were cool? Just cut that shit off.

Leave Britney Spears alone.

I could give a crap about Bennifer.

I hate it when people come into my office and ask, "Is this suite 800?" Isn't that what the fuck you saw BEFORE you opened my door?

Mofos standing outside the Metro stations begging for fair. You knew you didn't have enough money to get to Dre Dawg's house when he called yo ass.

Kids that don't know when to shut the fuck up.

Parents that don't teach they kids when to shut the fuck up.

Parents that let their kids beat them up. What kinda shit is that?

Time outs. That shit doesn't work.

Mail order companies that actually believe my black ass is really gonna pay them when I receive their merchandise. Wise up.

I love/whorship/will prolly be his baby momma, but some of Eminem's lyrics really do suck gargantuan dick. Wonder why you can't get a date, Em? Could it be the song where you raped and killed your mother? Your MOTHER, you freak. Or how bout, "Put Anthrax on a Tampax and slap you till you can't stand" Okay, I do think the latter is pretty funny. But realisitically, what woman is gonna want to date you when she has to keep 24/7 guard over her tampons???

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