I should be getting ready to go out with my girl Blonde Wonder, but for completely selfish reason, I'll have to pass

Any normal human would take advantage of a free nite out, but I'll have to pass. Right now I can't handle watching her and her new found love cooing and kissing and all that junk. I'd rather just stay home and wallow in my self pity. I don't want HER MAN picking up my tab, I want my man picking up my tab. The chore is finding one. He and I mix like oil and water.

My negroid son was in schol showing his behind today. There is no good reason why his teacher should be calling me a half hour into the school day. This lil fool don't wanna listen, huh? She put him on the phone and I put the fear of Big Mamma into him, made him apologize to his teacher and went about my day. I'm thinking about sending him to his father for good. Let him be useful and deal with this mess.

Today I made an appointment with a weight specialist. I'll be taking the plunge the day before Xgiving. I hope this works. I'm tired of going on all these dumb diets, taking bullshit supplements don't work and basically wasting hundreds of dollars. I'm ready to just say fuck it and agree to have the surgery. Yes, staple my stomach. Yes, please reroute my intestine. If this doesn't work, I won't have much of a choice. He's pretty well known in DC and everyone I've talked to has liked him. He'll prolly give me one of those B-12 injections, whatever that does, and one of those salad and water diets. Joy.

I'm still looking for a new gig, with nothing promising on the horizon. Jobs in DC suck. Employers definitely have the upper hand in this economy. For the same job I do know, employers in DC want you to have 4+ years experienc and a bachelor's degree. You don't need a degree for a general office admin job. You don't need a degree to answer phones and fax letters. Assholes.

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I don't think I woulda wanted to sit with my girl and her man and watch some lame-o, sappy, lovey dovey, bull crapeth either. Hmph.

Yeah, diets suck. I decided to put myself on the I'ma-eat-what-tha-fug-I-want-and-stay-chunky diet and say to hell wit it! Are you sure you wanna have surgery though? I'ma need you to be careful, k? thx.

posted by Blu | 11.25.03 08:54 AM


good luck on finding a new gig and you got me rotflmao @ you can't handle watching your friend and her lover cooing and ish, girl i don't blame you i'm the type of person that don't have to have that ish.

happy thanksgiving!

posted by lashundra | 11.26.03 03:13 PM


I feels you on the third wheel thang...all that billing and cooing can be quite tummy turning. Be wanted to reach over and slap the shit outta folks.

The surgery seems a little drastic, but then again I'm not inside your head or your body. Definitely do your reasearch if you're seriously considering it.

LMAO@a your son...you have to terrorize boys and make them fear for their lives before they'll act right. Good luck!

Employers in ATL suck balls too. I've got the degree but not the 5-10 years experience they want. Mofos want you to have all that and then some just to push papers from 8-5. Crazy pinks.

posted by Lisa | 11.26.03 04:49 PM


Best wishes with your surgery. I sure hope you've done your research. I know someone who had it and she still struggles with her weight. So just be sure! Have a happy Turkey Day!

posted by Cheryl | 11.26.03 07:18 PM


surgery.... uhhhh, a scary thought for me.. best of luck. also, good luck on the job search, and happy turkey day???

posted by Renaissance Sistah | 11.27.03 08:02 PM


Check that surgery out real closely before signing on the dotted line. My cousin had major problems with it and said she had stomach aches from hell. Just be careful, just cause it look pretty good don't mean it feel pretty good, yanno? Take care you! :o)

posted by BlaBru | 11.30.03 11:03 PM


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