OMG, OMG. My favorite band, Alien Ant Farm, is gonna be in New Jersey 11/28 and I'd give my left nut to go.

I've grown so bored with hip-hop I've started looking to other genres to satisfy my musical appetite. I'm a newbie to rock, heavier rock that is. I've always liked Lenny Kravitz, but didn't venture outside to heavier stuff till like 2001 when I discovered Nickelback. I've never been to a rock concert, or any other concert besides the Jill Scott show back in 2001 for my 21st berfday. I get really nervous when a lot of people are around me at one time and I flip out if someone touches me. I'm scared to death of the crowd. What if a crowd surfer falls on my head? Mosh pits? This joint is standing room only too, I think. How the hell do you dance to guitar riffs and screaming? Headbanging is NOT an option. The latest Alien Ant Farm cd comes with a dvd of random concert and studio footage so they appear to give a good show.

Now how the hell are we gonna get there?

Lawdhamerrcy. I woke up to a good meat stick this morning. Awww....that's what every morning should be like: roll over, get a piece then get ready for work. I'm so used to not sharing my bed. When he got in to lay down, it's like my queen shrunk to a twin. Took my pilla, snagged the covas. Where's the bedtime etiquette? I love it when he comes over, he steals such good software from work. I finally got FrontPage 2002 and PhotoShop. And I got video games. The FIRST Mario Brothers. Ain't that a trip??? More old school shit than I can ever play. Galaga, Zelda, Tetris, Wrestle Mania...I may never leave my house again. I wonder if I can find Duck Hunt...

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Meat stick and free software??!? Damn, I'm jealous.

posted by karsh | 11.07.03 10:56 AM



posted by nOvito | 11.07.03 01:36 PM


Good for you for gettin' the magic, errrr, I mean meatstick.. And the software and games are just added bonuses... *lol*

I remember Duck Hunt.. I think my kiddies still got those big orange guns.

And the new layout.. I know I am all late and all but it is absolutely lovely.. Nova did an awesome job.. I'm so proud of him.. *lol*

posted by Tee | 11.07.03 06:12 PM


OH.MAH.GAWD.! Duck hunt!!

*running to go find it before you do*

posted by Blu | 11.09.03 08:20 PM


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