I said you don't, wanna fuck with ~SunRay~ (cause why?)
Cause ~SunRay~ , will fuckin kill you (ah-haha)
I said you don't, wanna fuck with ~SunRay~ (why?)
Cause ~SunRay~ , will fuckin kill you..

***give pound to nOva*** for freakin tha layout. I bark the orders, he carries em out. Ain't that what a good relationship posed to be?

Welcome to my padded cell.

Have any of you ever joined/went to a gym? I'm considering, however I've never been to a big gym before. I've gone to a trainer with a private studio.

Any suggestions? Does Bally's really suck big fat monkey balls?

05.November.2003    09:45 AM     Commments: 4

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ooh the new layout is luverly. =)

posted by Ro | 11.06.03 08:48 AM


dang this layout is the fiyah, n0va made the shameless plug over at my site and girl this is just lovely, ummmm *scratches head* i wonder will he do me a fiyah layout.

i have always considered joining a gym we even have discounts to most in my area through my job but i just hate to pay my money and don't even go, but good luck to you.

take care and be blessed!

posted by lashundra | 11.06.03 09:23 AM


Who you think you scarin wit them lyrics, girl? *dead*

Gym? What's that? Do they sell chips & hoe-cakes there? No? K..aint interested.

posted by Blu | 11.06.03 06:11 PM


ohhhh myyyy gooooodneeesssss. I love this new layout... Nova put it downnnnnn! wow!!!

posted by Renaissance Sistah | 11.07.03 04:54 PM


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