[edit 11/3/03: Ya'll know them african booty scratchers missed a spot in the back of my head??? It is war!!! And ya'll know who taking her black ass right back up there today so they can fix that shit??? You dayum right! This shit is too expensive to do for them heffas to be half steppin on MY shit. ~SunRay~ don't think so. /edit]

Aw it feels soooo good to be reweaved! I was hesitant to go out being that yesterday was the first, and the African Hair Gallery is usually crawling with first of the month queens. I deployed my old strategy and went late in the afternoon at like 4, and it worked! It was soooo quiet and EMPTY. I was in heaven. They put 3 braiders on my head right away. I was loving it. Shit, I'd guess you'd have 3 people working on this head too if some thick headed heffa rolled up in your shop at 4 talkin bout "I want some Micro Senegalese." Long as I ain't got to sit in that chair for 7,458,365,486,982,124,562,367 years I don't care. The first thing the braider said when I sat down in her chair is, "You got long hair." Yah. Damn, I'm not a bald headed sea bass. I just like to have my hair braided, k? This shit look bangin ya'll. Now I gotta go back to Anh Lee and make her do my brows right. I DO NOT like this shit.

Attack of the Ex Boyfriend
Why can't sleeping dogs lie? Didn't I bury you?

My Ghettorific ex came up to my job yesterday. He was never really my "boyfriend", we just dated briefly until I couldn't stand him any more. He mistook my astonished look for excitment instead of the horror I actually felt.

He was nice and polite, but I couldn't get over his ghettoness. It was too much, even for me. He just turned me off.

Issue #1- Loud talking AND swearing at my place of employment. He could never get it through his head that I work in a professional place and that he needed to shut the fuck up. He also didn't get that having him just hang around made me look bad anyway.

Issue #2- Posing. Nigga if you broke, you broke. Straight up. Don't try to front for me, wanting to go out all the time then want to borrow money from me the next day so your ass can get to work.

Issue #3- More broke stuff. If you aint got no money, why the hell you wanna go out to eat? At least have the courtesy to tell me before we go so I don't get any surprises when the bill comes.

Issue #4- Broke stuff again. Don't go into a store having the clerk go get you all these different pairs of Timbs and you in there hoopin and hollerin talkin bout " These joints look good on my feet!" or " Yeah these tight right here." Then spit that shit, "Imma come back and get those when I get paid." Talk about embarassed. Havin that clerk run around like he was actually gonna buy something. Broke ass.

Issue #5- No goals. " I wanna make $10,000 (per year, folks) and buy me a car." Um...okay. ~SunRay~ takes big steps and leaps and I can't have some cat sittin around with his feet proped up going along for the ride.

When he came to visit me he saw my keys on my desk, which have the alarm for my house. He says, "You got some transportation?" I'm like no, that's the alarm for my house. This asshole has the nerve to say, "Still no transportation, huh?" I look him over, noticing how busted he looks and asks him where he's working. Guess where....NO DAMN WHERE. And he still lives with him mom. He has NO ROOM to judge anybody. And why do the niggas that DON'T HAVE A DAMN THING TO THEIR NAME, always talking shit about somebody else's shit. Man does that burn me up.

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you always attractin' them hood types!


posted by nOva | 11.02.03 01:32 PM


you ex saw the keys with the alarm and thought maybe she'll let me use her car *lol* but he needs help still at home with mommy.

dang this nicca was/is broke you got me rotfl @ those issues.

posted by lashundra | 11.03.03 12:13 PM


Broke, ghetto, posin, tryna-make-me-lose-my-job-with-all-that-loud-talk niggras need to be SHOT, like..3 times! ARG I hate that ish. If that were me, he definitely woulda got them keys alright...straight to tha face! Mofo woulda been leaving the establishment with a big ass "ADT" imprint on his forhead!

posted by Blu | 11.03.03 04:51 PM


Damn, sounds like he sucks hot monkey nuttas!! A pox on ghetto nigras!!!!

posted by Lisa | 11.03.03 06:57 PM


*DEATH* @ the braiding team missing a spot. How the hell you get an empty spot with 3 muhfikkras workin on your head?? Someone needs to be fired like, NOW!

*calling in a bomb threat*

posted by Blu | 11.04.03 01:47 AM


The layout is TIIIIIGHT!!! *giving you a pound*

The colors are yummay...and I luh me some Em!
Go! Go! Go! Go SunRay!

posted by Blu | 11.05.03 03:22 AM


Ooohh!!! Me likey...me likey a LOTTA!!! Yah! *backflips outta here*

posted by Lisa | 11.05.03 03:29 AM


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