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~SunRay~ got random shit on her mind today.

I really hate to see a woman wearin sexy stiletto heels with mud on them. UGH. Carry a tissue.

Why is the yard boy still trynna spit game? "Where yo man at?" Nigga just rake my dayum leaves!

Who told white men comb overs were cool? Just cut that shit off.

Leave Britney Spears alone.

I could give a crap about Bennifer.

I hate it when people come into my office and ask, "Is this suite 800?" Isn't that what the fuck you saw BEFORE you opened my door?

Mofos standing outside the Metro stations begging for fair. You knew you didn't have enough money to get to Dre Dawg's house when he called yo ass.

Kids that don't know when to shut the fuck up.

Parents that don't teach they kids when to shut the fuck up.

Parents that let their kids beat them up. What kinda shit is that?

Time outs. That shit doesn't work.

Mail order companies that actually believe my black ass is really gonna pay them when I receive their merchandise. Wise up.

I love/whorship/will prolly be his baby momma, but some of Eminem's lyrics really do suck gargantuan dick. Wonder why you can't get a date, Em? Could it be the song where you raped and killed your mother? Your MOTHER, you freak. Or how bout, "Put Anthrax on a Tampax and slap you till you can't stand" Okay, I do think the latter is pretty funny. But realisitically, what woman is gonna want to date you when she has to keep 24/7 guard over her tampons???

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Addendum: Parents who don't keep tabs on they bad ass kids and let them run from here to eternity while they're at the bank or supermarket or anywhere they can't keep an eye on what little Junebug, Poochie, or Kayneesha is doing.

posted by karsh | 11.01.03 12:30 PM


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