When my personal Geek came over to lay some pipe, er, install some software on my pc, he had a treat for me.

He found emulators for the old school Nintendo Games. I have damn near every Nintendo game ever made. All on my pc. The kids are hating me right now cause I'm never letting them play. EVER. I just got finished playing Double Dragon. How cool is that??? I have more games than I can ever play. I even played Duck Hunt this morning. I'm so in love. Now I gotta get a controller. I think he's trynna turn me into a pc gamer anyway.

All this talk about smoking got me thinking about the days when I used to get high with my old boss. We'd sit around, eat candy, play Dig Dug and just get zooted. I had the urge to get lifted earlier this week, to the point where all I can do is sit and stare at the wall. Here's the kicker: I don't like to smoke. I hate smoking of anything. It burns and tastes yucky.....This is why I'm proposing a weed pill for people like me who want the high without the smoke. I wonder if somebody can manufacture that for me...

And while I'm one the topic of vices, I must talk about my old faithful vice: likka. Now you know you an alcoholic when you think of robbing a bar....for it's LIKKA and NOT for it's cash. The rows and rows of bottles were beatutiful. This brilliant idea hit me at lunch this week when a certain someone wouldn't step over the bar and grab some bottles like I asked him to. It woulda been so simple: I hold the fort down why he gets the goods. Mission accomplished.

Ja Rule's latest video is a joke. Who he think he foolin??? It's such a mockery of masculinity. We know you soft, whoadie. Bow out gracefully. He looked a ridiculous mess with that big ass chain swinging around. I had to watch the video twice because I thought he was swinging it around his neck hoola hoop style. I would have to die.

Gay men are normally known for their fashion sense. We have to stop stereotyping gay men in this manner cause I've seent for myself that this shit ain't true. An old queer sat down in front of me on the train yesterday. This foolio was wearing some khaki pants, brown shoes, a houndstooth print button down shirt with a green rib knit sweater tied around his neck. What the FUCK was he thinkin? Can we get a Queer Eye for the Queer Guy???

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2 words... Special Muffins. *wink*

I'm so mad at you for finding duck hunt. Grr. I think you need to email me. We need to talk about this emulator stuffa. KTHX!

*DEAD* @ "We know you soft, whoadie. Bow out gracefully"

Oh and yeah, I'm bout to boycott this ish if you don't get the "Shady Shots" section of this hurr site up and running!

*walking out with hands on hips and nose in the air*

posted by Blu | 11.09.03 08:32 PM


Oh wow... Duck Hunt, Dig Dug, Centipede...I also need to talk about the emulator stuff... I am a videogame fanatic... zip it and send it please .... Soon!!!

Can we get a Queer Eye for the Queer Guy???

You still got me laughing over here.....

posted by Renaissance Sistah | 11.10.03 07:18 PM


i have to agree with you... ja rule's video sucks! he looks even more ridiculous trying to look hard.

posted by suedemuffins | 11.12.03 12:49 AM


Awww, you got Duck Hunt??? What about Contra and Super Mario Brothers? I used to have the little jumping pad that you laid on the floor and ran the marathons. I swore up and down that I was Jackie Joyner - Kersey! *LOL* But yeah, those were the good ole' days!
Oh and about that pill that you are looking for, it's called THC, baby! I've had it in ginger snaps and cookies and all types of goodies. You just have to know someone with that "legal" card that can buy it for medical reasons. My granny has glacoma! Don't you just love the grannies????

posted by BlaBru | 11.12.03 11:16 AM


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