Am I the only slacker that hasn't started Crimmus shopping yet?

Bah Humbug. I no like Crimmus. It's a heap of doo-doo. Holidays were designed to boost the profit margin of the retail industry and pressure consumers to live up to unrealistic expectations of relatives who are unfortunate victims of some marketing genius. I'm not a religous buff, however, I don't quite understand why all the religous holidays fall around the same time of the year. If someone knows why/how this happened, please hit me up and explain. Is it really a mere kawinkie dink that Channukah, Crimmas and Kwanzaa are all with in about a week of each other? Can I be a millitant Black/Jew/Christian and not come to work for the whole month of December because of my religous belief(s)? Yeah I'm looking for a way to make this work.

I am trying to teach my kids what Crimmus is and to embrace the principals behind that. Unh unh. Ain't happening. All I hear out of their mouths is, "Can you buy me, can you buy me?" Hell to the naw I aint buyin you shit.

I had another Attack of the Ex today. I wish this loser would quit coming to my friggin job. If I don't return your calls, take it as a sign. If I ignore you when you are at my place of employment, a place you should NEVER, under any circumstances just drop by, chances are I don't want to talk to you. It's possible that I may not even like you. We're not together for a reason. Let it go.

Last nite I had a convo with The Big Homie upstairs and tole him to send me a good man. I'm tired of all the losers, playas and immature jerks he sends my way and I was requesting a quality bruvah. He sent that loser I already rejected. What gives? I think Big Homie needs a new hearing aide. He always gets my orders all confusid.

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when you find a way for you to be off of work for the whole month of crimmas, make sure you let me know ;) and yes i agree everyone should teach their children the true meaning of crimmas 'cause it's not about buying gifts and things they ask for.

sure hate to hear your ex is still stalking you, you must put that poonana on him girl *lol* but he really should go on especially if you don't return his calls and such. most guys can be so selfish i mean when you are dating it's like they don't appreciate your kindness but then when you leave their asses and they finally see you ain't playing they try to harass your butt and don't have someone else you are seeing they can really be a pain.

well have a good weekend!

posted by lashundra | 12.19.03 02:56 PM


I ain't started shopping either and I'm not the least bit remorseful about it. Long as the kiddies get their presents by next Thursday errthing's cool.

Damn Sunray, what's up with the ex? A damn work drop-by is grounds for some serious ass-whooping, acid thrown in the face, shit, somethin!

Imma put in a prayer request for you to find a decent man. I know they exist...somewhere out there.

posted by Lisa | 12.19.03 09:11 PM


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