I've been M.I.A for a minute. I'll get more consistant later on. Life is hectic I tell you. I haven't been keeping up wit my stalkees and I suck for that.

Man I had a turd of a day yesterday. Folks just kept fuckin with me left and right for unknown reasons.

Issue #1: Someone removed the sign in sheet from my desk yesterday and neglected to put it back when they were done. I looked in Furry's office but didn't see it sitting on top of his desk so I left. I was informed that it was actually in there and had to go into this pit of an office and look for it. GROSS. Then when this jackass returns to work the following day, he asks me, "Did you find the sign in sheet?" Do you NOT SEE that damn sheet sitting in front of you. Stupid ass.

Issue #2: I don't give a fuck how long you stayed in my house or what belongins you still have at my house, there is NO EXCUSE for you to go to my house when I'm not there. PERIOD.

Issue #3: If you don't not see a fucking Crimmus tree or an inkling of a Crimmus decoration, please do not ask, "You don't have a Crimmus tree up?"
You dumb bastard, do you SEE a Crimmus tree? If you do not see it, chances are, IT AIN'T THERE.

Issue #4: "~SunRay~ you must focus every minute of your free time on me because I'm your only friend on this planet." There are so many things wrong with this thinking. While I do love all my friends, even the ones that make me sick, I can't call you every nite. I can't hang out every weekend. It's call having a life. Maybe I'll buy them one for Crimmus.

Issue #5: Losers. My personal Geek was under the impression I was gonna blow off my doctor's appointment to give him a lunch time quickie this week. I told him he was a fool and he could come over here if he wanted to, I just wouldn't be here. And have a nice day! Mofos hate to see you doing something to better yourself, be it financially, mentally, or spiritually.

I know that some blogs are exaggerated to make more interesting reading, however, this dumbfuckery is actually a part of my life? Ain't that sad?

I joined a gym for the first time in my life. It's a small gym, but it seems okay so far. I've only been once and I'm going again tomorrow. Personal training services are free at this club. I really don't think I'm gonna like the trainers though. They are mostly guys and I feel they have a serious hands off approach when it comes to me because I'm big and I'm a woman. I'm never gonna reach my goal dealing with these candy asses. I like the boot camp I go to at nite much better GI Jane kicks my ass 3 nites a week. I've had great success with her before and I have to be in it for the long haul this time. My approach is agressive: Monday-gym; Tues, Wed, Thurs-gym in the afternoon, boot camp in the evenings; Friday-optional and gym on Saturday. This is gonna be rough. Can somebody PayPal me a chicken wing? THX.

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Paypal you a chicken wing? You got me rollin' over here! We're all in the trenches right now, girl. Hang in there.

posted by karsh | 12.13.03 08:28 PM


okay ~sunray~ you don't need no chicken wing *lol*
i hope you do good at loosing the weight, i do need to start working out maybe i'll continue to come here and read your posts about working out and hopefully that will motivate me i need to loose some stomach.

anywho i'm *rotfl* at the issues, especially #2, #3, #4, & #5.

take care.

posted by lashundra | 12.17.03 04:27 PM


LMFAO @ PayPaling you a chicken wing. That's a whole lot of exercising right there. Kinda makes me wanna do some myself. Naw, I'll just sit here with this chicken instead.

posted by Blu | 12.18.03 09:32 PM


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