nOva finally fixed my blog! yeah!

I was forced into early blog retirement right after Halloween. Ain't that a bitch?

Thanks to all the well wishes from my fellow bloggers regarding my Fat Quest. Surgery is a last resort and if this weight reduction program doesn't work, then well, my options are limited. My trainer is willing to take me back for a discounted rate. I hope I can talk her into FREE. I can afford free.

Last Wednesday, I had my first appointment with a bariatric doctor. Nothing much happend this visit. I had my vitals and weight taken. I also had a EKG. I'd never been hooked up to so many wires ever. I felt like Frankenstein. Right after she finished hooking the archaic machine up, she was like, "Okay. We're done" I'm like damn that's it. It took 10 minutes to hook up and 2 seconds to do the actual test. What gives? Next came the dreaded part: Having my blood drawn. It hurt like no other. Of course no one can ever find my vein, so I usually offer the back of my hand because it's simpler. The back of my hand decided it didn't want to bleed that early in the morning and I don't blame it. So guess where they took it friggin wrist! I KNEW that shit was gonna hurt by the way he looked at it. He gonna tell me it aint gonna hurt no more than the back of my hand. Bullshiiiiit. I told him straight up that he was lying. Maaaaan, it hurt so bad I actually yelped out loud. When I go back this Wednesday, I'll get my diet and whatever supplements I'm suposed to take. Yeah.

Next in comes Dr. Doom & Gloom who tells me, "SunRay, lose 180 lbs or die." Gee. Thanx. That mofo don't ever have nuffin nice to say. He did say for me to come back even if I couldn't pay. I like free.

My Xgiving was chill. Nobody was makin any commitments to cook, so I made my own plans the week before xgiving. THEN gramma decides she wants to cook. Heffa. I knew she'd do some shit like that. It was cool though. I made a dinner for me and the kids and EvilAsianX came over with some pie and sodas and random snack junk for the kids. She's just like a gramma: she always got a snack lurking somewhere in the vicinity.

On Saturday, I took the kids shopping for xmas decorations. I'm thinking about decorating the outside of the house this year. I found lights in the shape of candy canes...and they bubble! I want enought lights to make space ships jealous. Imma be that house on the block that causes a blackout. Imma make Blonde Wonder help me get home the reindeer and Santa made of xmas lights so I can put them on my lawn. I also did a bit of xmas shopping. I basically bought gifts for the people I don't like, **cough** my sisters **cough** and got them out the way. I don't like them much, I don't spend much. It seems fair. And my mother....I bought her a nice leather jacket from Wilson's Leather last year. Wanna know how many times she's worn it...TWICE. Wanna know what she's getting for xmas this year....DRAWZ. I ain't playin with her. She got 2 more years of crappy gifts to make up for not wearing that leather.

'Tis the season!

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Tell moms to send that cowskin ova hurr! A sista needs a new leather coat and I will not, repeat, will not, charge her for taking care of her jacket, k? Holla at me and let me know when she wants for me to pick it up? I ain't neva scurred of a new leather coat! :o)

posted by BlaBru | 12.01.03 05:12 AM


*lmao* at your mom getting drawz this year i bet she'll wear that jacket now.

good luck with the diet girl.

posted by lashundra | 12.01.03 09:00 PM


Sunray, I don't blame you on your mom's xmas gift, I got my mom one of the big George Foreman Grill, and she has only used it once, so I repossessed it. Oh hale nawl, this year she getting socks and drawz too for xmas lol.

posted by Moni | 12.02.03 07:22 PM


Dying laughing at you SunRay! Too funny. When people have to take my blood I usually ask them to use a butterfly needle. It's the same needle they use on's suppose to hurt less. I never had a problem with needles until one time when I had to take a physical for a summer job or something and when they tried to draw my blood a stinging pain went through the whole left side of my body. Yo, I flipped out!

I like the term *I can afford free* cute.

posted by I_boogie | 12.07.03 12:24 AM


Hey so glad it's been fixed. Yay! I'm just whizzing by and wanted to shout out, hello!

posted by Cheryl | 12.09.03 07:40 PM


bout time. i was about to get evil with 'slim. glad you're back.

posted by ej | 12.17.03 06:04 PM


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