Isn't nOva absolutely fantabulous?
I am loving this. (nOva is my personal slave)

I had no idea what the finished product would actually look like so this is equivalent to Crimmus morning for me. WhooooooHoooooooo! Wait till you see what he's done with his own. It's gonna make mine look like straight up and down doo-doo.

I aint going to work again till next Tuesday. Them mofos had me in there on a SATURDAY of all days and I'm way behind in my Crimmus shit. I needed the time off anyway.

I'm still praying for the kids' bikes and cd players to get here atleast on xmas day. I took the chance and ordered them on Saturday. I got tired of waiting on other people that were able to take me to get them. Depending on other people really sucks.

Over the weekend my sustas called me and asked what they could bring to xmas dinner **GULP** since i'm the one cooking this year and has been for the past 3 years now. The whole point of ME cooking is to save everyone the pain of eating THEIR cooking. They suck in the worst way. The only edible thing on their dinner tables is whatever they didn't cook. Seriously. Instead of asking them to bring bread and ice this year, I asked Thing One to make a salad, which can be bought bagged. Thing Two is responsible for cooking some greens, which she can't fuck up too much. If they don't taste that good, I'll just hook em up before I put them on the table. No biggie.

My house looks like shit. In exactly 2 days, my house is gonna be full of people and it looks like a trailer park exploded in here. Somebody get me a maid for Crimmus. THX.

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he done hooked you up again and it looks lovely.

happy holidays to you and your family may it be filled with love, peace, joy, & happiness.

posted by lashundra | 12.23.03 12:09 PM


Awwww shit!! I'm feeling this layout immensely. :D Make me wanna go fiddle with Photoshop. But I'm lazy. So I won't.

Enjoy your holiday!

posted by Lisa | 12.23.03 03:40 PM


Lovely! Just boootiful! Specially that booootay at the top! :o) Happy Holidays! :o)

posted by BlaBru | 12.23.03 06:43 PM


Don't let those 2 crazy broads anywhere near your house with their concoctions. Lawd! Tell them to donate it to science or something.

Glad you're enjoying the layout, there are still a few things I need to fix. Enjoy!

posted by nOva | 12.23.03 06:44 PM


I love the new layout!

posted by a | 12.23.03 06:49 PM


Yes indeedy! N0va is THE man!!!!!! I gotta design sumthin' for one of my hostees.. N0va is puttin' me to shame.. He makes me sick.. *lol*

posted by Tee | 12.27.03 05:58 PM


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