Crimmus merrnin is finally here! Now to make it through the rest of this day.

Assembly required is not my friend.

I've struggled for the past hour trynna figure out how to assemble my sons' Hot Wheel race car track. It's really nice to want to save the trees by conserving paper by writing the assembly directions in a gazillion different languages to share the same page. However, at 2 AM that shit becomes a burden. I said...FUGG IT. Imma let somebody else figure that shit out. He got plenty of shit to play with while that one is, um, on hiatus. After taking an hour to assemble Barbie's Donut Shop and some Polly Pocket crap, I'm so out of it.

As soon as this entry is done, I'll get prolly 5 hours of sleep, receive a barrage of phone calls and get to cooking.

We did get to decorate earlier this evening. We're just starting out in our little house and don't have much as far as decorations are concerned but we're getting there. I have lights in every place I could string them. Our goal is to string lights around the perimeter of the entire livingroom. We're close. I've got some lights in the windows and put up my traditional tacky decor. The only tradition I've started since I've been on my own is to go to Old Navy every year and buy about 1 or 2 of their most awful decorations. They are a riot. I've got a santa dog that says, "Ho, ho, ho, Meeerrry Christmas." I've got another santa dog that is a wind up toy and it moves its arms and legs up and down. Oh yeah, I can't forget the egg fu yung carton shaped like a santa belly. The latest addition to my tacky decoration family....santa shaped lights (from CVS) and a rolly polly santa (from Old Navy) that is actually a high bouncy ball! That shit rawks. Will be posting pix after Crimmus.

My cousin and his wife are making rounds dressed as Mr. & Mrs. Claus. Yeah the hell they did. Crazy negros. They come callin me, tombout: "We gon' honk the horn. Let the kids look out the window" I open my door and these too nuts are Santa and Mrs. Claus. Ya'll know I tooks pics of that shit. Will be posting. They went to my sisters houses and gramma. LOL

I wish I were high right now. Maybe I'll forget all the money I spent?

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Hey Girlie! I really like your new digs mama. Your bio is written so well. I really enjoyed reading that. You have such a pretty smile as well :). Cutey.

I can imagine the frustration with setting up the hot tracks. Did you arrange it inf ront of the tree? That's how I've always seen people do it in the movies. Enjoy your Christmas!

posted by I_boogie | 12.25.03 12:22 PM


You get props for even tryin... When I was a kid (trying not to sound as old as I am), those types of things were wrapped up and part of my task of enjoying them, was figuring out how to put the damn things togeather. I guess that's why I am good with my hands but stuff never looked like it did on the box when I got through with it. Come to think of it, its still that way today.

posted by Prime | 12.25.03 06:19 PM


I once saw a story on 20/20 where they exposed how a lot of toy companies make their products hard to assemble, kids and adults alike. I was hoping you caught it...

posted by nOva | 12.26.03 10:32 PM


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