As I type this, assult charges will prolly be filed against me.

I hate hoodrats as much as I hate the first of the month. Being that the welfare queens are out in droves to spend my tax dollars. All I can say is, she jumped out there and got what she was looking for.

I'm stading in line at the grocery store minding my own business, waiting for these welfare queens to make up their cheap ass minds on what they gonna buy. Of course they wait till they get to the cashier to do this. I'm minding, resting my foot on my cart. All of a sudden I hear, "You need to raise up and stop bupping her with that cart." I look at her like "what" cause I know she wasn't talkin to me like that. "I mean dag you must be hongry" I had to look twice. I finally had to ask Welfare Queen 1 who she was talking to. Next thing I know, she layin on the ground next to my cart with my foot in her mouth. Welfare Queen 2 decides she wants to jump on my back. Not a good idea and she becomes friends with the vending machine real quick like. The security guard called in back up and they carted all of our asses to some office that smelled like raw meat.

To make an excessivly long story short, they got our info, made sure we went in opposite directions and all that.

The moral of this story is: Don't fuck with a person that hasn't had carbs in a month.

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posted by karsh | 01.04.04 06:40 PM



They deserved it. I hate ghetto-ass ill-bred, stank-ass bitches.

posted by nOva | 01.04.04 07:53 PM


That's a mess...That's a hot mess, Damn right for whopping their asses.

posted by Ray | 01.05.04 11:44 PM


Awwww chit! I like how you just promptly schooled the time wasted! That's the only language girls like that understand anyway :D

posted by Lisa | 01.06.04 10:13 AM


Damn girl! I knew you have a violent side to you lmaooo! I had to regulate on some shit like that a long time ago...but I used my ol' faithful Louisville five years and one assault charge later...I'm still standing *hehe*, but ol' girl got a permanent C-Walk.

posted by Moni | 01.06.04 11:04 AM


rotflmao dang girl you handled your bizness just knock their asses out and then ask questions. but yea they got what they deserved i bet they'll know next time to shut the hell up.

posted by lashundra | 01.07.04 05:30 PM


Lawd haph muhcey! The BLACKS fightin' up in da sto'

She had to get ghetto and get dealt with ghetto style!

posted by Prime | 01.08.04 09:54 AM


wow!!! u don't play huh??????

posted by LRT[joy] | 01.08.04 04:45 PM


Ooooweeee! I wish I was there to look down on them heffras and yell "YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUG OUT!"

Go on wit ya bad self, SunRay!

posted by Blu | 01.08.04 08:03 PM


What up gaaaanxtahhhhhh!

posted by I_boogie | 01.08.04 11:54 PM


First time here and already I am falling out laughing! P.S. Love I_boog's response! LOL!

posted by orchidophile | 01.20.04 01:38 AM


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