Lately, I've been sending my resume to damn near everybody with an opening. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration, but I am actively seeking a new gig. My salary is the welfare check of the Administrative Support field.

I'm so excited I got an interview on Wednesday with a decent company. Actually, I got called in to take some tests (which I know will be dumb), then if i pass the tests, I get called in for an interview with the Pres and COO. I'd be the Executive Assistant for both of these dudes. The application process was fairly demanding. They wanted my resume, with salary requirements and references. Then they sent an email with a link for a survey for me to fill out. What the hell do they need all this for? I gotta jump through so many hoops but their response was timely so I won't complain too much. The location is great, near Rosslyn which makes my daily commute much sorter and cheaper.

One of the tests I have to take is a "culteral fit" test. Maybe I should write "I Hate KrakkaAssKrakkas" all over it and see how that goes off. Who'se gonna admit to not liking or being partial to another race when applying for a job? Or could they be referring to corporate culture, which every one knows is full of beauracratic bullshit.

There was supposed to be a "Mega" employment section in today's paper. Mega my ass. All they did was rerun the ads of the entire week. How misleading. I was expecting some big shit since the "Mega" employment section from The Washington Post is usually good. Unh uh. I guess I can blame it on the job market. Out of 30 admin jobs, I only found 6 that really interested me and aren't too far from home.

Somehow, I gotta break it to my boss that I'm ready to leave. She's gonna be on the ceiling. The job is boring as hell but it's cake. I come in when I want, take a 3 hour lunch then go home. I can't pay all my bills and that's becoming an issue. I think my credit card companies have me on a "Most Hated List"

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Krakka Ass Krakka!
As long as you do it with a smile, it's all good. But good luck on Wednesday. I 'xpec a report. Now go kick some bootay.

posted by ej | 01.11.04 09:18 PM


Whooo! You go girl! Knock 'em dead!

posted by karsh | 01.11.04 10:48 PM


Ah chit now!

Iown know why they give you all of those lame ass tests, especially when you could easily ace your way through them by giving bullshit PC answers. But we do what me must.

Good luck on your inturrvrew.

posted by Lisa | 01.12.04 01:57 AM


Stop calling people kracka!! LMAO!

posted by nOva | 01.12.04 02:30 AM


good luck on the job hunt. the economy SUCKS right now, but i'm sure you'll find something better.


posted by britni | 01.12.04 07:50 AM


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