This is Part II in an never ending series that is my job search.

I saw an ad on for an Executive Assistant so I went for it. Sent my cover letter and resume and received a prompt response. I then had to fill out an online survey which basically restated what was on my resume.

I had an interview for this position a week ago and it went well. I took a problem solving skills analysis and was grilled for about an hour on my work ethic. They wanted examples, times and dates where I took initiative and followed through on commitments. They wanted to know my stregths and weaknesses. A whole gang of shit for....NOTHING. I knew something shady was going on when she called me on the eve of my second round interview, after business hours I might ad, to tell me they would need to reschedule cause Mr. So n' So had some unexpected travel. Ummm...yeah. I called to reschedule, left a message and she still didn't call me back and I didn't speak with her until yesterday, when I called her again. I put forth all this effort just for her to tell me..."We don't have funding for the position." I wonder what position they do have funding for and what young white girl will fill the position. I'm leary of places that are devoid of minorities of any kind.

I gotta come up on a new gig and like quick. These cut off notices are rolling in and all I can do is look at em. I'm trynna head off the cable company from cutting my shit off, sooooooo I'mma switch cable companies before they can get to me. :-D They need to step up they game when they messin with ~SunRay~. It's somthing I needed to do anyway, since Starpower is offering a better package than Comcast. I can get innanet access, cable tv and phone service for 96 bucks a month. I say not a bad deal, since my phone bill and cable bill combined are about 130 anyway.

I'm so glad Furry got in trouble with Big Boss. He always think his shit don't stink. She's so pissed about having to micromanage him and she believes he's capable of more. I'm glad she's finally seeing through his bullshit. He didn't even set up for a big meeting we're having on Monday, completely taking her to the highest level of pissivity. Of course, looking at her innocently, I tell her I'll set the room up, but she declines my offer. I knew she would, that's why I asked. LMAO. Having me do set up would make her chew his ass even more, since I've already been given part of his job over the summer and he was pissed about it. Either way, his getting in trouble always makes me smile.

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See, this is the part where you kick ass and take names.

Don't worry, just keep perservering and keep your DSL on the line. If I dont see Sun' shine during the day i'mma be evil.

posted by ej | 01.24.04 12:36 PM


On a positive note, it's better that you don't work at a place where you aren't genuinely wanted. this is why I laugh in the face of those who are against affirmative action. Pssshhhh!

posted by I_boogie | 01.24.04 12:54 PM

------------------------------------- know how I feel about the Pinks and their practices. You know if I coul help then I could. Hang in there, kiddo.

posted by karsh | 01.24.04 11:48 PM


Damn that shit was foul as hell...all that effort for nothing. Seems like you're better off without though. Too many pinks in one location is never good for your health.

That's great that you even have the option of doing the cable switcheroo. Down here there's only company (comcast), which has the worst customer service in history. Thank gawd for satellites!

posted by Lisa | 01.25.04 01:58 AM


i hope a gig comes thru for you girl, right now jobs are hard to come by too many companies laying off or letting go.

posted by lashundra | 01.26.04 05:31 PM


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