I've been holding steady on my job search, with out much luck. I'm landing interviews like there's no tomorrow. I just need to land a damn job.

I absolutely hate it when an HR Director calls me back about a position I applied for about 3 weeks ago. It was for a well known financial services firm and I'm surprised I even got a call back. The first message left me feeling really uneasy, cause the guy that called sounded like he was trying to get a date, not recruit a potential employee. He used a very sing songy, playful voice and I really didn't care for that. Eventually, I am able to schedule an interview with his collegue, who was very monotone. He had the nerve to ask me what position I applied for. I told him I'm sure it was administrative. This jerk says, looking at your cover letter...blah blah blah. If he has my cover letter, what the FUCK was he asking me what position I applied for? The fact that they had more than one position open concerned me too.

I was in a hurry to get of the phone with this dude. When I hung up, I realized he didn't give me an address or directions. I call back and he tells me to arrive at least a half hour early to fill out various forms and have my picture taken.


Have my picture taken?!?!? I was completely befuddled as to why I would need to have my picture taken, since I'm not applying for a modeling or acting gig, just bs office work. He says to me, "Sometimes I forget after interviews and I would like to be able to associate a name with a face. I will also pass it along to the Executive Director, who you'd be working for." I say okay, but I'm still feeling uneasy and confused. I'm bothered by this blatant act of discrimination. There's no reason for them to have a picture of me during the hiring process. It's not like it's for a company ID; I hadn't been offered a job. There was absolutely no reason for that. I cancelled that interview.

I'm wondering if I should report this company to EEOC or something. I wonder how many other people feel uncomfortable. I wonder what gender or race they are looking to hire.

This has been an awakening addition to my Black History Month.

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There are no legal questions that can be asked about marital status, your children, your spouse (or non-spouse), age, drug treatment, Worker's Comp claims or sexual orientation (that's right boys! listen up!).

Furthermore, they can't ask you "what you do/did" at your last job - that information should be obtained from your résumé. Many companies field that question for competitive intelligence gathering. Just tell them you can't give out proprietary information.

And asking for your picture? I'd ask to see something in writing documenting why - if he can't remember how someone looks after the interview, then he's hiring them for the wrong reasons.


posted by karsh | 02.17.04 10:14 PM


But you sound white on the phone. That should count for something.

posted by Baby Daddy | 02.17.04 10:22 PM


After all of that crap, is this a place where you'd really be happy working at? Seems that they touch where they shouldn't. Kinda like being violated. Ugh.

posted by ej | 02.18.04 06:14 AM


In a WAY I understand where the company is coming from- who knows how many people they interview... and I guess it WOULD help in remembering who is who...
HOWEVER, Karsh brought up an excellent point... if he can't remember how someone looks after the interview, then he's hiring them for the wrong reasons Soooo... with that being said.. you DO sound white on the phone

just kidding mama :)

posted by grayse | 02.18.04 09:58 AM


co-signs with karsh's comment, that is ridiculous wanting a picture.

good luck with other interviews girl.

hey if you do sound white then i'm shock they didn't ask you to come into the office *lol* i have fooled a lot of ppl with my voice they were absolutely shocked when they saw i was african american.

posted by lashundra | 02.18.04 10:43 AM


That is totally ridiculous. I live in DC too... Let me know who it is and I will report them for you if you need...

posted by Rocka | 02.19.04 10:55 PM


Best wishes to you on your job search. I know it's hard and I hate searching also. I'm going to a career fair Tuesday. Wish me luck.
As far as the remodeling goes, i'm doing very little bits at a time.
Take care and don't lose hope...

posted by Cheryl | 02.22.04 09:18 PM


Take your picture!!!!! Now, you know that is some bullish. What! I've never heard of such a thing. *tsk tsk*

posted by I_boogie | 02.23.04 09:14 PM


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