I dunno what's going on. I'm having these bizarre urges to be feminie. UGH. Make it go away. I got reweaved on Sunday and I'm usually good with that. But ooooh noooooo, some little voice in my head tells me that's not enough.

I go to the nail shop at lunch time today and endure the worst pain ever getting my brows waxed. Then, for the first time in life, I actually got a manicure. What possesed me to do that is beyond my reasoning.

I'm looking myself in the mirror and thinking, "Maybe I should wear a little mascara." I don't even OWN mascara. I wouldn't know what to do with a makeup kit if someone threw it in my lap and rubbed my nose in it. I wanna wear cutesy stuff instead of my raggedy favorite jeans and a t-shirt. As I type this....iown een wanna type....CAUSE I DON'T WANNA MESS UP MY MANICURE!!! Lawd halp me. I went to CVS today and bought Nair, a new razor, two different kids of soap and a loofa mit. What de FOK am I gonna do with a loofa mit? I don't even have enought body hair to shave off. Lak, make this stop now, k? This unusually warm weather is fucking with my estrogen level. How inconvenient.

Wouldn't it be the bomb if the ice cream truck took food stamps?

Why does Microsoft have a book on everything under the sun EXCEPT Publisher. I hate them.

Let's encourage people to leave their pets at home. I'm on my way to work, minding my damn business, when I look over and see something on this lady's coat. The shit is moving. I keep watching this thing and realize...it's a roach. A big ass, huge ass roach. This wasn't no tiny ass baby roach. This joint was the big poppa. I'm like WTF? Why couldn't she shake her coat out BEFORE she left for work. She needed a can of raid just for her coat.

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I hereby declare this month Estrogen Month for Kia. That and Bug A Boo. You got Black Hisstry Month all locked up.

posted by ej | 02.24.04 11:05 PM


FIRST OF ALL... Happy Birthday to ME...

Second, girl I know how you feel. I get like that too- but doesnt it just make you feel better?? Sexier... Like you can just get ANY DAMN THING you want??? Thats ok mama... you'll snap out of it.. LOL ;)

posted by grayse | 02.25.04 01:12 AM


Wouldn't it be the bomb if you could get delivery with food stamps?

posted by karsh | 02.25.04 01:31 AM


girl i need my eye brows waxed mine grow back thick.

i don't even visit ppl that have pets especially not eat at their home, pets are dirty and i don't care how much you keep them clean they still are filthy.

posted by lashundra | 02.26.04 05:11 PM


Shoot, I need my nails, hair, and eyebrows done! Lol I'm bout this /)(\ close to feeling like a damn man. No not really..but I do need to be a bit more feminine at times..Just to feel good about myself, ya know.

I love the colors on your site..very pretty.. :o)

posted by Fran | 02.27.04 05:14 PM


I need alot of work to feel womanly today. Ain't gonna happen. Plus, I may start painting a wall or two. I have to get rid of some wall paneling. Ugh!
Hope the job search is going okay?

posted by Cheryl | 02.28.04 01:51 PM


You really have to watch out for people when your 'in the streetz'... Roaches and all kinds of ish can be on them... interesting observations...

posted by Rocka | 02.29.04 12:48 PM


I hope you're enjoying your new-found femininity with the latest hotness. I think it's these girly layouts that are making you behave this way.

posted by Baby Daddy | 03.01.04 06:07 PM


beautiful design... i am loving it!!!! thanks for the weight-loss encouragement..... i need it!

posted by Ren Sistah | 03.01.04 06:46 PM


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