Here's Part 3 in the saga that's my never ending job search.

[aside: The type of position and salary requiremnts I seek are in my profile on the job board.}

I'm chilling at work on Friday, getting prepared to come home sense my boss was generous enough to let us leave an hour early. My phone rings. It's some recruiter chick that saw my resume on a job board and has a "GREAT" opportunity for me.

She is really selling this position. I'd be a Project Management Assistant, supporting a team at Northrup Grumman, one of the largest IT contractors for the government. It's close to home. I'd have a variety of things to do and there is potential for advancement. I'm getting all excited cause this is the kind of job I want to do and I've recently decided I want to head into project management. The kicker:

Recruiter Chick: Well see here's the thing. They aren't very flexible with what I can pay you. What are you making now.
ME: (Thinking of good lie) $36K
RC: Well see I can only pay either $13 an hour or $24K
ME: Really?
RC: Really. This would be such a great opportunity for you since it's so close to your home.
ME: The job sound perfect, it's exactly the kind of job I want, except for the pay. I have a friend that my be interested though.

I'm passing this over to my Baby Daddy. He need a job and he'd better call her too!

Now, if this chick saw my resume on the job board with it's accompanying profile, why in de hayle did she waste her time and mine calling me? My profile clearly states that my minimum salary is $36k. How she gonna try to offer me $12K less? C'mon. The position sounds great, but I'm not willing to take $12K less that what I'm asking for. If she woulda upped it to at least $30K, I prolly woulda taken her more seriously.

Then she tries to soften me up.

RC: You have such a great speaking voice and sound like you have a wonderful personality. I know you'll fit in well with this team. Northrup Grumman is a good company.
ME: This opportunity sounds wonderful. The pay isn't something I can accept at this time. My friend is interested. If you give me your contact information, I'll pass it over to him and he'll contact you to schedule an interview. Thank you for calling.

This chick has to be desperate to fill this position if she's willing to kiss my ass like that. There's no way in hell I'mma support an entire team of people for 24K. Been there, done that, and lived to talk about it.

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He better reply too. No how come no recruiters find my resume on a job board? Damnit.

posted by karsh | 02.07.04 10:08 PM


...and she better not get your friends resume and then decide to pay him $18K. how does THAT sound?

posted by ej | 02.08.04 07:14 AM


This heffa trynna find somebody to work for free!

posted by ~SunRay~ | 02.08.04 11:34 AM


it's a shame how they try to offer you a low pay and you specifically state your salary when you submit your resume and stuff.

i do hope you get a better paying one girl, keep looking.

posted by lashundra | 02.09.04 05:08 PM


Hi there....I came by way of Rocka's site. I love the layout here. Regarding the salary, before I could finish reading all of the entry, I was thinking, if she is reading your requirements, why offer you less. Well, I wouldn't call it less, I'd call "SH*T". However, it seems she wanted you bad. I'm sure a better offer would come your way soon.

posted by CarMiGe | 02.11.04 10:16 AM


I know the rates are different down south, but that's just absurd.

posted by I_boogie | 02.14.04 01:15 PM



posted by grayse | 02.17.04 12:26 PM


24K????? i'm sure you told her that slavery has long been abolished and that you would report her to the authorities for tryna bring that shit back in style. 24,000...did she mean yearly?????? surely she was playing a candid camera prank.

posted by raven | 02.18.04 06:58 PM


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