I'm annoyed right now and hate Dubya more than I ever have before. I knew what the out come would be before I even filed.

Last summer most people receive a check for the Advance Child Tax Credit. The operative word is ADVANCE. The leading word in the title of this credit isn't Grant, Allowance, or Free Shit from the Gobment. With that being said, my rant will begin.

When to the hellacious Jackson Hewitt to have my taxes "prepared" From this point on I must stick to my vow to never utilize on of these chains again. What the hell do I need a data entry clerk for? That's all these folks are. The software I used last year was much better.

I'm there chllin, trynna help Tanikka (yes my tax peparer's name is Tanikka and she had a pierceing in that spot below the lip) decode what the questions were saying. While I'm trynna teach this girl how to read (she couldn't type for shit either) people are fussin and hollering all around me. The rest of the patrons are outraged that they have to give back the ADVANCE child tax credit they received in the summer. I"m confused cause it clearly states that it's an advance. Advance means, "I'm giving this to you early, before you're actually supposed to receive it" I would like to know why these negros thought dubya was actually GIVING the people something. It makes no sense to me.

When I first heard of this credit, I was like "Oooh fuck." I already knew what the deal was before that check even came in the mail. There was a lot of buzz in the hood about it and I tried to explain to folks what it was really all about. Black folks didn't care. They're feeling that shit now. Black folks don't understand the importance of paying attention to what's happening around them

Dubya doesn't give a fuck about you, your cousin or the man next to you. The sole purpose of his reign in the House of Allusions is to line the pockets of his rich oil buddies while us average folks receive an unlubricated shaft in the anal cavity.

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I couldn't have said it better myself. And stay outta those "Taxes & Wings" depots, all them ghetto muddafuggas. Just like the blacks should've known what they were walking into with the "advance", you should've known there was a Tanikka, Boniqua, or Shaniqua behind that door!

posted by Baby Daddy | 02.05.04 08:33 PM


Its said - there are gonna people allot of people in a desperate situation cuz we tend to depend on tax returns as a last minute bailout for bad financial planning through the previous year. Instead, some might even end up owing with due to that Advanced Tax Credit. When we start paying attention to what is going on WHEN its going on and not bitchin about afterwards like someone tricked us.

posted by Prime | 02.06.04 08:31 AM


Awww maaan. I hate dubya too. He's no good for us. Sorry about your taxed outcome. Hopefully you'll get a financial break soon. One way or another.
Have a great weekend!

posted by Cheryl | 02.06.04 12:59 PM


girl do your own taxes i always do and i utilize turbo tax or tax cut. anyway that advance money wasn't a give away it was something behind it, nothing is free and i tried to tell a lot of blacks that it was more to it than that, luckily i have a relative that works at the i.r.s and she gave me the 411 on this.

well hopefully you're get a tax break soon. heck i'm pissed (well i can't be) but i didn't get any earned income credit because of my salary :( i need another child.

have a great weekend!

posted by lashundra | 02.06.04 03:12 PM


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