Since acquiring cable innanet, I'm ready to ditch A-O-Hell and tell dial-up to kiss my ass. I just spent 20 minutes of my precious life on hold. Eventually a Customer Service dude named Jim pops on the line. I tell Jim I want to cancel the service and he's "so sorry" to hear that. He asks me some questions. I say I wanna cancel. Jim offers free trials. I say I wanna cancel. He begs, pleads and does the tootsie roll. I still don't want no fukkin A-O-Hell. Then he wants to know why I'm cancelling....Cause this software is some shit! Piece O' Crap. It feels so good to be liberated.

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AOL, is like that... It takes no time to sign up, but I lifetime to cancell... I guess they hope you get tired and hang up, and never cancell...

I am so glad I did though, I have Verizon DSL and I loooooove it.

posted by The Rock | 03.31.04 11:05 PM



posted by karsh | 03.31.04 11:33 PM


I've called to cancel a few times before just to get some free months. Those guys are so desperate for customers right now it's pathetic.

posted by nOva | 04.01.04 01:45 PM


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