gold medal

You Are The Undisputed Gold Medal World Champion in Bed

Need we say more? Really.
Your reputation precedes you, but not on the bathroom walls.
Itís more a word-of-mouth thing, and word is your mouth is the best.
Not in a slutty way, but a mind-blowing way.
Hey, youíve got natural gifts so you may as well use them the way God intended, right?
And whoís to say God didnít intend for you to make men whimper at your feet (or your neck or your ass?)
And if that ainít heaven, what is?!

Are *You* Good In Bed?
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I'm marrying my vibrator. This is my third week of drought and it sucks. Where is the available penis? Somebody bring me a hard dick. StankYouSmellyMuch.

I love the Villiage Voice Dan Savage is such a bastard. He gave out some good info about female ejaculators and I don't feel so weird now. I've put a couple eyes out in my day. I used to be so self conscious about it cause I always thought I was takin a piss on my partner, but that's not the case. I can squirt it just like a dude. Ain't that the shit?? Female ejaculaters rawk!

24.March.2004    11:48 AM     Commments: 5

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You freak-ass freaky person. BTW, my hidden sex talent is locating big dick or something... This is true.

posted by Baby Daddy | 03.24.04 12:13 PM


Mine too! Freaks unite!

posted by karsh | 03.24.04 12:39 PM



posted by lashundra | 03.24.04 02:36 PM


Interesting post... My brother has this porn where this lady is ejaculating... It almost looks like Milk is coming out of her puss... I was disgusted and turn on all the same time... Maybe I am bi?

posted by Rocka | 03.24.04 04:43 PM


Sexy Freaks rule the universe. I'm not only a member, I'm also a client.

posted by ej | 03.24.04 09:18 PM


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