Can I live? Can I be? Get out mah face! I swear every time Office Movers come to our floor to do some shit, they always trynna spit G-A-M-E. Lemme lone! Iown want you! Git'! I'm here to work, not be a fucking decoration. This is not what was intended when they signed your bitch ass up for the work release program. Don't bova me, k?

Moving right along, this is my 3rd day of the Atkins diet. Yeah, yeah I know...and shut up. I'm sick of this weight, and quite frankly, I'm tired of all these dumb diets. I have a "resistant metabolism" that doesn't take very well to dieting. Somebody send me a biscuit. Thanks.

I'm following this diet, eating my eggs n shit and decide they could use a little pepper. I hook em up. As I'm chewing mah eggs I feel a sneeze coming on. I have 1/10th of a second do attempt to hold the sneeze, attempt to swallow the half chewed eggs or open my mouth and let the eggs fly. My nose made the decision for me and I fuckin sprayed eggs beside my desk. Iown wanna clean that shit up.

Elmo, my trainer, went up on his rate today. Granted, he gave me a discount off his original $600 a month rate but I could never afford that shit in the first place. So now it's gone from $200 to $400. I won't be having many more months with him. I just don't have an extra 400 a month. *SIGH*

I'm having a problem with homoskexuals right now. I don't want to come across another homo that talks with a lisp. I HATE that shit. You didn't speak with a lisp before you came out the closet, why do that shit now? I DO NOT have the patience for a psuedo speech impediment. If I come a cross another homo that speaks with a lisp, Imma smack him with the breath of Jesus.

I'm also tired of people assuming I have an attitude cause I'm not interested in hearing what the fuck they got to say at a given time. So the fuck what. Maybe what you're talking about isn't of interest to me. Back up. If I can touch you, you're standing to close to me.

Our building management here at work needs to man the fuck up and get us some good engineers. We had a good engineering staff until they changed it a few months ago. One guy has been with this building before, the other hasn't. This other dude needs to get a grip. He's unprofessional to the nth degree.

I'm not sorry for this bitchy, ranty, profanity ridden post. Word to your mother.

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I am DYING over the "Breath of Jesus"; wouldn't it be so much better if we could just smack anyone who got on our nerves without them getting offended?

OH. MAH. GAWD. if i could do that, there would be so many bitches with my hand print across they face.

posted by karsh | 03.11.04 03:11 PM


I'm scareda you. All them eggs I coulda ate for lunch today, nothin' but spray. Work the S*** out of that trainer. Does he do any home trainin'? He's expensive, surely he can give you some *extra credit*.....

posted by ej | 03.11.04 03:52 PM


"I'm also tired of people assuming I have an attitude cause I'm not interested in hearing what the fuck they got to say at a given time. "

i say fuck 'em - let them think you got a 'tude, maybe then they'll just leave u the fuck alone - the next time someone starts babbling, you should say silence is golden and walk away. he. i'm fucked up.

posted by girlwonder | 03.11.04 10:25 PM


LMAO @your egg situation.

$400 a month??? Fuck that shit. Buy you some weights and a shitload of videotapes. Gotdamn ripoff trainers.

That lisp gawd what the fux is up with that? You just ain't gone have me believing that all these mofos have speech impediments.

posted by Lisa | 03.11.04 11:01 PM


$400 a month is crazy... I agree with Lisa... Once you learn the techniques from the trainer you should be able to appply them on your own... Maybe get a workout buddy to keep you motivated... And switch up the routines everynow and then to mix things up... you will be fine.

posted by Rocka | 03.12.04 08:23 AM


*gays with a lisp* is there anything funnier?

Peope always think you're "stuck up" if you're not interested in the ish they have to say. it's a defensive mechanism. They can't sya to themselves - what I'm saying right now is a load of bull and clearly she's not interested. Nah! They gotta turn it around on you. I guess it makes them sleep better at night.

posted by tanya | 03.12.04 09:10 AM


no need to be sorry for this post, this is your site and you can say and do whatever you feel necessary, sometimes folk make you do this.

i hope you have a great weekend.

lol @ u and the eggs.

posted by lashundra | 03.12.04 02:39 PM


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