I'm so tired of being disappointed by those that are closest to me.

*Newsflash* In the deep dark recesses of my heart, feelings reside. I do have them. Respekt em, k?

There are way too many people that depend on me. Yes it's partially my fault because I'm willing to help. When I'm in need, ain't nobody around and that shit is gettin real old. Folks are just fulla shit.

Yesterday I was reading an article in the City Paper. DC has established an initiative to get welfare mammas into jobs. The city has hired contractors to go door to door to tell the welfare chicks they need to come to a location and participate in a job program or receive a deduction in monthly benefits. This man has to go to the worst parts of the ghetto, through well known gang territory and drug markets to get to these women. They give the sorriest excuses.

"I got a baby."

"Iown like dressin up."

"I cain't work causa my knee bad."

One chick was straight gettin blunted when she answered the door. What kinda shit is that? Why would somebody want to live like that? DC is going about this the wrong way. These able bodied people are being treated like babies and this kind of treatment is unwarrented. Poverty is rough, no doubt. A person doesn't deserve multiple chances when they don't want to do shit. CUT THEY BENEFITS. STOP THEY CHECKS. DC needs to rethink its priorites.

Wanna know what these chicks get for participating? $200 a month for transportation and lunch expenses. Fully paid child care. $750 bonus for securing a job. Several bonuses there after for KEEPING the job. All of this is in addition to their check and foodstamps. Section 8 has been revised. People receving Section 8 subsidy for their rent payments now have the option of buying the houses they're renting. Let's recap. The government is paying for their lunch, transportation, childcare, food for household, and now, the house they live in. Let's not forget education. If you get a check, you go to school for FREE and are exempt from participating in job related activites. Graduating school debt free...what a concept.

This system makes me sick.

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See, this aint even right- I work but dont make SHIT, but because I am a semi-productive member of society I dont get shit either- no financial aid, no housing help.. my food stamps are great, but SHIT I need some cash assistance homie!!! It's always the people that are really trying that end up with nothing.

posted by grayse | 03.22.04 11:00 AM


I had a friend in High School who got pregnant in the 11th Grade ... Let's fast forwarded 5 years she's on the verge of purchasing a home and has never had a job! At times it seems as if the wrong folks get rewarded while others continue to struggle!

posted by Antonio G | 03.22.04 11:11 AM


i feel all of you guys...it is unfortunate, but we have our pride, (but is that enough)

posted by ray | 03.22.04 11:26 AM


they dont't take the whole situation in. it's as if you have to get doped up, abandon your kids, and get kicked out of your apartment to be free the rest of your life having what everyone else wants. it's unfortunate. keep your head up though. it's gonna come to you.

posted by ej | 03.22.04 09:17 PM


fuck this dumb-ass shit, mayun!!!! It's bad enough people like me get denied shit because me or my dad "may have" made too much money a certain year, and these dumb-ass bitches... man, shit like this makes me sick.

posted by Baby Daddy | 03.22.04 11:46 PM


i'm quitting my job and getting pregnant first thing tomorrow morning. after i confirm the aforementioned pregnancy i'm moving to DC. thanks for the heads up.

posted by raven | 03.24.04 09:49 PM


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