The contract for my job went up for renegotiation today. **sigh** Something is better than nothing, right? That's the lie I'm developing into my reality. HR Lady went to bat today against Boss Lady to get me a wage that's comprable to what other people in this area with the same position make. I am disappointed Boss Lady wasn't more flexible but I was expecting that. There are some good points about Boss Lady, however, she needs to be aware slave trade is over and done with. The defense for the resistance for the reluctance to upgrade me to my market rate is: 1) No one at The University got a raise last year. 2). I don't have a degree 3). I'm ONLY a Receptionist. Your "Receptionist" also balances your budget and write reports that make you good. Well at least presentable. At this point I'm going to consider any increase as a blessing. Back to the want ads I go. (Most of the ads are bullshit, btw)

Hr Lady is ready to play the race card. The other admin makes much more than I do and that can be justified because of her Master's degree. The other admin is offered more career development opportunites than I am. The other admin is given more thought provoking projects while I pratically create stuff for myself. I'd rather not continue.

Guilt is a bitch. It comes in handy though. As I pray for payday or a child support check, I had no idea how I was gonna eat today. Boss Lady comes to me and hands me her company card and asks me to get lunch for her and a couple of her guests. Maybe my expression prompted her to haphazardly add, "Get something for yourself too." Of course I will. I'm glad I didn't have to eat air for lunch. Gratuity eases guilt for most people.

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Awww, things sound really tuff... Hopefully something more lucrative will break for you soon... Air is not that tasty for lunch... especially if you aren't dieting...

posted by Rocka | 03.25.04 05:14 PM


Damn, damn, damn. I'm glad you were able to get some kind of increase from the negotiation; better than nothing, right?

And I hope you got something really big and expensive for yourself for lunch.

posted by karsh | 03.25.04 05:17 PM


I think we should all gang up on G Dubya and beat him up. C'mon we can take him. It's his fault we have no decent jobs.
I do the contract thing too and it's a bitch. I wanted to kill my last contract employer.'s not too late.
Best wishes and have a great weekend!

posted by Cheryl | 03.26.04 01:02 PM


i hope the contract gets renewed or you get another gig. i can't wait til dubyah is out of here.

well that was nice of bosslady, of course i would have got the most expensive thing and then got some for my kids :)

have a great weekend!

posted by lashundra | 03.26.04 03:17 PM


sexy people just get more pay by batting their eyes.

either that or hitting irritating bosses with a bat. glad your contract was renewed.

posted by ej | 03.26.04 10:33 PM


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