Graysie made her way up to DC Friday morning. Yessaday, she rolled through to pay me a visit.

Poor baby got confused with her left and right. I just couldn't understand why she had so much trouble finding my house when I kept telling her my house is the ONLY yellow one on the street. Looks like it came straight out the crayon box. She steps out of her little red Jetta and I'm just in AWE. She's so cute. She'd be the bestest cuddle bear. She's got these big (tits) blue eyes that she plays up with some shimmery eye stuff, which I'll call eye shadow. Maybe there was a little eye liner in there. I have no knowledge of war paint.

It's time to bounce over to the 'hood and grab nOva. On the way there, I spots a FINE ASS CHOCOLATE TASTY SPECIMIN of a man in the right lane in a white or possibly silver Acura. I couldn't get enough of lookin at this dude. Neither could Grayse cause homeboy ALMOST had her crunch the back of a van. Fresh ass shape up, big brown eyes, broad shouldered, suckable lips...yeah I sho' woulda been a ho that day. Bruh had something comin' to em.

We get My Other Half . It had been years since I'd been to his hood and I was quickly remined why he hates being there. There sho' is a rack of niggas out there. Yeah I said it: N I G G A S That's exactly what they were. Bad ass kids running aroung. One little dumb fuck almost got himself hit. I had to yell at him to get his raggedy ass out the way. I shoulda beat his ass for good measure.

Graysie works at LB and her discount was 55% off for the weekend. Guess who had a good time? Lawd hep me. I got 400 bucks worth of stuff for 177. Caint beat that. We were short on time cause we had to feed HIM first. I caint eva go anywhere without feeding him. I had 12 minutes to find what I wanted and get the hell up outta there. I'mma be cute this summer ya'll.

Yes me n' nOva acted a fool the entire day. He always emburrasin me in front of company n stuff. He know better. Let's see...he bit my finger, attemted to poke my eye out and belched in the middle of the mall. He a hot date.

We get back to my spot and I hook up a pot of spaghetti for em. We chillin, watchin tv and just havin a fun doing not a damn thing. It was lovely.

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I look funny all squished up in that picture! And why you put my tittys on blast like that! You the one that was getting yours felt on all night!!!!
Yeah and I do need to work on the left-right thing.

posted by Southern Guhl | 03.08.04 12:47 PM


u too look beautiful. man i sure wish i could have hung out with you all i'm sure n0va had yall in tears. hopefully i'll get to come see you ~sunray~ and n0va.

hey got anymore spaghetti?

posted by lashundra | 03.08.04 03:44 PM


Looks like y'all had a blast. So tell me...did Nova have chicken? I know that was his staple in Cali and ATL (LOL).

posted by karsh | 03.08.04 03:50 PM


You two look so cute in that pic... That should be your next fantasy other than hooking up with Jessica Simpson... Sounds like a fun weekend, and that Nova was in rare form I see...

posted by Rocka | 03.08.04 04:33 PM


You forgot the part where I played with your boobies...

posted by Baby Daddy | 03.08.04 05:44 PM


thems a cool picture.
y'all ain't have novaslim at the bar did ya?
and Grayse was at the joint. we gotta see her get loose and stuff. i know she can cause it.....

posted by ej | 03.08.04 07:52 PM


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