I'd like to give a shout out to the bloggers that offered good feed back for this post I'll be posting my progress on this paper so stay tuned. For those of you whose brains were too limp to participte, I'll be pinging you again, k?

During this post I was one mad ~SunRay~. Had a long day, being mistreated by ole massa...the list is too long to type and I'd rather not aggravate my Carpel Tunnel anymore than necessary.

Last Friday, on my way home from work, I played with a WhiteTrashBaby and gave her my crackers. In turn, when a friend and former boss came into work this morning she had a suprise for me. Susta Doin' Thangs went to Giant and got me a gift card worth $50! How righteous is that?!? She is the bomb and some junk for feeling my pain. I'm not a very religous person but I do believe God is always on my side. I know this happened because I didn't allow my heart to harden and not allow myself to recognize the need of that child who was clearly hungry. I will not allow someone to crush the humanitarian in me.

I've tried to explain to my sisters why nothing good happens to them. The older two anyway. Sanctimonious, self serving behavior only brings grief and despair in the long run.

20.April.2004    03:27 PM    

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