The Spring Quarter at Strayer University started for me about two weeks ago, so I'm back on the grind as a student. This one English class, the ONE class I really need to stop fucking around in, requires me to write an argument paper...again. I'm attempting to formulate a topic and need some feedback from you guys.

I want to argue about male/female black relationships.

Lately, in conversations about having children, I've noticed many black men express the feelings of not wanting to have children, especially by women they don't love, but are going to make the best of an unfavorable situation. Some of these men harbor negative feelings toward the mother because she chose not to have an abortion.

Here's my beef: It makes no sense to me, none whatsoever, to give yourself the opportunity to create any "unfavorable" situations for yourself. The excuse of being young just doesn't cut it with me. When we come of age, there are certain things we should know, one of them being the consequenses of making babies. Youth and ignorance was a recurring theme in many of these conversations which is being used as a cruch to shuck the never ending reality that is being responsible for your actions.

I'm not sure how to develop a logical argument out of that, or even if I can. It's something that's been irritating me for the longest time and I feel it should be addressed. I'm also looking for any books or articules which discuss black relationships. I need sources to support the argument.

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Try Dr. Kress-Welsing (sp?). She has a lot of material on that, from speeches to books.

posted by Monkie | 04.12.04 05:24 PM


Hi Sunray!
Yes, good luck with school! I love a good argument and would love to help you with your topic, but i'm doing my dang taxes right now which is why I haven't visited most blogs lately.
When I finish i'll read your info further and hopefully get you some resources.
Thanks for the complement *blushing*, and you're right about this country and it's moral priorities. Did you see Bushs' address this evening. *rolls eyes*, what an idiot he is! Not one single question given a straight answer.
See you soon...

posted by Cheryl | 04.14.04 12:28 AM


I don't know why I didn't think of it before: Go to my blog, look to the right, and click on the top book that I have shown under favorite reads. Check it out at your local library. There is not a better book in which to formulate an argument on this subject. I guarantee it. And it's such an eye opener too.
Best wishes!

posted by Cheryl | 04.19.04 04:44 PM


This is a book that supports your topic better I think. The book I directed you to earlier is Black history in general.
The Isis Papers, by Francis Cress Welsing, like Monkie said, probably makes a better statement. Also, do a search on Google or Yahoo called Black men and abortion or something to that effect.

posted by Cheryl | 04.19.04 06:04 PM


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