On Friday I went to my daughter's school to watch her double dutch performance. When I showed up, I had no idea what to expect. I arrive at the small auditorium to be greeted with an agenda shoved in my hand. I glanced through the document to see when my precious baby would be performing. She was the next to last performance. Damn. I had to sit through 45 minutes of extra junk I wasn't interested in. So I thought.

"SAT 9, SAT 9, SAT 9" was the chant. I couldn't figure out how or why these lil black people were stomping and yelling about this SAT 9. Somewhere inbetween the cheerleaders and dance troupe, I realized what was happening. This was actually a pep rally to get these kids excited about taking the SAT 9, the yearly standardized test given in the local school districts. I was disgusted. It pissed me off once realization set in that I'd been preparing my daughter for the past 7 months to take a fucking test. This assembly, this pep rally was a showcase of knowledge of lil black kids for the powers that be. It made me sick. I can't wait for the day where I can remove my kids from the detoriorating public school system. My kids have become bored with this strictly text book style of education. They don't even have an art or language class and social studies is a random event. In the public education system, inner city childern are stunted before they are given the chance to grow.

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The sad part is that I'm not too far removed from that generation to know when I used to be in those same pep rallies. Teachers getting the kids hyped with promises of pizza parties and trips to Six Flags for doing shit which is SUPPOSED to come naturallly. What is the education system coming to when we have to bribe kids to learn?

posted by karsh | 04.26.04 08:48 PM


That's not fair. It's almost as if you have to become more of their teacher when they're not in school. Self-education was the only way I could get through.

posted by ej | 04.26.04 09:22 PM


I say you complain!!!

Gimme a B!!
Gimme a U!!
Gimme an L!!
Gimme an L!!
Gimme an S!!
Gimme an H!!
Gimme an I!!
Gimme a T!!

What's that spell?


posted by nOva | 04.26.04 09:32 PM


...damn, i see there's no hope in the school system. are you a part of the PTA? how can you help the school system?

I'm not an elected official, however, I do attend the meetings. I've found them to be quite a waste of time since nothing gets accomplished. The main issue that plauges the school system is the same issue that is eroding other programs designed to leverage the opportunites of disadvantaged people: MONEY. Lack of that five letter word has become a serious hindrance and young black students are suffering because of it.

posted by anfanee | 04.27.04 11:26 AM


Oh Sunny SunRay,
C'mon girlfriend. You know I love you right? You've got to have a good attitude to keep your kid in school. If they sense that you're unhappy they'll use that as an excuse to slack off later on.
I don't disagree that our school system sucks, BUT it's all she's got right now. Make the weekends and weeknights interesting and educational in the way you think is good for your child so that one day she'll understand the diffferences between BS and the real world.
Not that you're not doing that stuff already, but go with the flow or change it and make it better. I think a pep rally to get motivated for the SAT's is not a bad thing. We have pep rallys for school spirit and sports, why not one for mind enhancement? Consider the alternative your school could take: Not caring if your child does well or not. Then you would really have something to be mad about.

How's that project going in your english class?

posted by Cheryl | 04.28.04 02:19 AM


Aaight - excuse my ignorance on this topic - since I did not grow up in the US - BUT - they had a PEP RALLY - for an EXAM??! Pep rally ..... exam ..... what was the purpose? Just sounds too damn funny to be true - but I guess it is.

posted by tanya | 04.28.04 07:10 PM


Sunray, thank you, thank you for your words and your focus for this post. This is happening in inner city schools everywhere. Students are not being taught to think, infere and make decisions in a world where the answer is not a, b, c, or d. I am so glad that I was not the only one who felt this...

Oh, and don't let a teacher speak up! He or she will be treated so badly that he or she will eventually leave.

posted by anon | 04.29.04 10:43 PM


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