Man, man, man. Tonite was my first nite at Yankee Candle Company. A susta is tired. I had to sit through 3 boring ass videos. What were they about? I couldn't begin to tell you. They were hilariously low budget too. Closet Queen is gonna be the fun manager, I can tell. Lewd jokes, slacker...yeah Imma like this dude. I couldn't even focus on the videos cause he was crackin too many jokes. He referred to the owner, the one who was on the video explaining how candles are made, as a Dumb Krakka Bitch. I was liken to diiiiiiie. Now, Wound Tight, the store manager could use some work. She's a bit high strung about some things but I guess that comes with the territory. My pay sucks, but I was expecting that. At least I'm gettin my hustle up.

Today I found out Baby Daddy 1 quit his job. How did I find out? I called the child support office to ask when them bitches was gonna send my check for the end of April. Come to find out, there wasn't no check for me cause this nigga decided to quit his job. I don't know what the fuck Imma do now. I was depending on that money to get my daughter a nice present for her birthday which isn't far off. He hasn't seen her in a year and a half. He never calls her. The least he can do is support her. But that's too much like right. I'm sick of working sun up to sun down, litterally, just to make ends meet. I'm sick of how this society has become complacent to the fact that these men aren't going to take care of this kids and aren't penalized enough for it.

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Sister's gonna work it out. Let's hope the second job comes forth.

posted by ej | 04.30.04 09:55 AM


Baby daddies are annoyong. Mine will see the kids, but if I set myself to depend on any money coming from him, even through child support. My kids would be bukk nekkid! grrrrrrr!


posted by pear | 04.30.04 02:10 PM


Thanks for all the supportive comments. Things will work out in the end. Trynna stay positive about it. These men aren't held to the same level of responsibillity women are and I find that to be rather pathetic.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 04.30.04 06:31 PM


Kia, my stepkids dad called MY house over and over from about 6pm until 11pm....COLLECT!!!! This from a man who hasn't seen his son since he was an infant (he's almost 6 now) so I feel ya on this one.

posted by Phill | 04.30.04 08:55 PM


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