Earlier today, when I was mad at the white racist crakkas that refuse to hire me based on my ethicity, I began to think about my own views toward different races. Maybe I'm racist too.

I don't see that happening. No matter how one person from a particular race treats me, I can't bring myself to hate an entire race. Today on my way home from work, I saw a WhiteTrashMom with a WhiteTrashBaby. This pair had all the signs of being poor: scruffy clothes, unkempt hair and over all just a bit grungy. WhiteTrashBaby was one of the sweetest things I've seen all week. She was barely knee high with a head full of (soft looking) curly hair. She broke away from her mom and ran right over to my lap. She looked at me and smiled. (insert mushy moment here) Her mother began to apologize profusely, concerned about disturbing me. No nevermind; she's just a baby. I felt bad for her. They both looked pretty hungry. I asked WhiteTrashMom if it was okay to give the baby some crackers. Her eyes lit up so brightly. She was genuinely appreciative. I took the crackers (from work) out of my bag and gave them to WhiteTrashBaby and she was right with the world again.

I feel good about being who I am. Never again will I allow one jenky bastard to cloud my judgement of anyone else.

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aaww! Sunray helpin out my people :)

No, but seriously- I'm glad you're not as ignorant as some people and let one person's actions determine how you feel about the rest of us. Besides, how could you NOT like us pinks? Especially me?? :)

posted by grayse | 04.17.04 11:32 AM


I hear ya girl,
There are those times when you want to hate an entire race based on the actions of many different people of that race. But then it takes just one person to make you realize that it isn't ALL people of an entire race, generation, or gender.
Heck, I couldn't hate white folks if I wanted to. Too many in my family and being the mixture that I am, it wouldn't make sense.
But don't you find yourself sometimes saying the 'n' word about our own people, or putting "us" down sometimes? We all have our days of bigotry I think. Just meditate on it.
What a kind person you are. Sounds like they really were hungry. Too bad.

posted by Cheryl | 04.19.04 04:40 PM


I feel ya, sunray! It's too bad that not many people like to venture outside the box, even for a moment...

posted by Laniza | 05.23.04 11:15 PM


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