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Today is the international day for the mentally disabled. Please send an encouraging message to a mentally retarded friend as I have just done. Hang in there you are doing great. You are special. Keep trying. Have a great day!

28.April.2004    07:40 PM     Commments: 7

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aaw. Sunray always lookin out for the less fortunate.

You're such a heffer

posted by grayse | 04.28.04 08:26 PM


If I am reading this correctly, then that was mean...

posted by The Rock | 04.28.04 08:28 PM


We always take care of you, Graysie......

posted by nOva | 04.28.04 08:33 PM


I meant BITCH not heffer. That goes for the both of youze

posted by grayse | 04.28.04 08:34 PM


Spiteful, SPITEFUL white girl.

Simmer down, the post is a joke. Why ya'll gettin all sensitive n shit? I need some bout it, bout it readers mang.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 04.28.04 08:35 PM


I'm rowdy-rowdy!!!! I'm bout it bout it!!!!

BANG BANG BANG!!!!! nOva in the heezy fo sheezy!!!! Eaaaaaassssiiiiiide!!

Bounce, bounce, bounce, fool!

posted by nOva | 04.28.04 09:05 PM


Lmaoooooooooooo, that was so mean, but would make a great Hallmark moment.

ROFL. This shit was too funny mang. Some folks walking around mentally challenged and won't even admit to it.

posted by Moni | 04.28.04 09:42 PM


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