Last week I told my trainer, Elmo, I wouldn't be coming in this week cause I can't pay for it. In my disappointment, I went to HR Lady cause she listens to everything. In turn, she recruits her husband, Muscle Man, a real live body builder to be my trainer. Come to find out MM told Elmo everything I told his wife, HR Lady, and that made Elmo feel baaad, which in turn, made me feel baaaaad. I really thought they would give me the chance to talk to Elmo myself before they said anything.

We had a long talk today about what we expect from each other and what we need and agree to be open. He's really a sweet guy. Interaction with him can be a bit bizarre, cause he and I are very similar. We don't say much, but think all the time. I'm usually one step ahead of the average cat, but I gotta work twice as hard to stay ahead of this dude. He's good. He has a logical rebuttal for everything I say. That's never happened to me before. I guess I've met my match.

We went to lunch today. Interesting experience. I wasn't expecting him to pay, but it was his treat. YAY! There's no meal like a free meal. I'm sure he wanted to see what I was eating. He made sure I didn't go near anything I shouldn't have. "Here. Don't eat that, or that, or that....."

Some how sex became a conversation topic. Oh yes, I remember how it started. I told him I wasn't trynna get involved with anyone cause I haven't met anyone that has yet to impress me. Then he says, " need to release. If you release more, you won't be as tempted to replace it with something else that makes you feel good, like food." HUH?? I can't belive dude just told me to have more sex! I LMAO! Just cause I'm not involved don't mean I don't get my rocks off! BWAHAHAHA!! Lak, dude, I'm really not that square. So my response was, "I'm...released." He gave me this crazy look. "What?" "So what are you saying?", he wants to know. "I have sex regularly!" Um...I said that a bit louder than I wanted to, and I'm sure the guy sitting behind us really wanted to know that bit of info. (SLMAO). What.A.Mess.

He also informs me that my "vacation" from working out (I haven't gone this week) is over and I WILL show up to the gym three days next week. A girl just doesn't get any options, huh? I was also informed that it's NEVER okay to interrupt my training program. Then, I was accused of cheating on him with another trainer. Ain't that sumthin?

At the end of lunch, we walk back to the metro. He wants to know where I'm going, what I'm doing for the weekend...blah blah. We didn't have much convo, I only had one stop to go and he had a few. Before I got off the train, I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and told him how sweet he was. Translation: I need to get laid so move a little faster, bruh.

But um...I think he's gay. *Sigh* Another one.

[edit] I gotta stop bringing all the gay boys to my yard [/edit]

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Lawd help you.. Now what makes you thing THIS one is Gay too ?!?

Um...cause he has a roommate, which he never refers to as "My girl" or "My boo" or any of the other terms straight guys use. He also wears and obscure silver band on his wedding finger. Oh, he's a gym rat too. He's suspect.

posted by Prime | 04.09.04 09:00 PM


I'm laughing ... Has Sunray become a Fag Hag and not know it?

Lawd Jeebus knows I luh the homos...but DAYUM! Can I at least get a BI dude???

posted by Antonio G | 04.09.04 10:13 PM


More like a Fag Mag! *dead* Shake it, sistah!

Use you genious to create some "Fag B' Gone" and help a susta out!

posted by karsh | 04.09.04 10:32 PM


I believe in straightness. Dont be freakin gay
thats y me and my buds r makin FBG, Fag B Gone
Check us out my bros

posted by Dwuane | 04.27.04 06:33 PM


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